Mugabe threatens UK, US envoys


President Robert Mugabe yesterday threatened to expel Western diplomats for allegedly sponsoring vendors to resist their relocation from the Harare city centre.


Mugabe, who was officially opening the Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) International Expo in Harare, said the vendors should vacate the streets immediately.

He said Britain and the United States were behind the refusal by vendors to relocate from the capital’s central business district.
“Misbehave and we will kick you in your bottom,” Mugabe said to the diplomats. “What demons are these people that they come here and cause problems? We do not need the United States and British ambassadors.”

Vendors clashed with municipal police who were forcibly removing them from the streets.

Their leaders were arrested for allegedly obstructing police during the clean-up operation. The informal traders say they have nowhere to go as they are unemployed.

Mugabe also told delegates at the SME expo that due to the economic challenges bedevilling the country, the informal sector was accommodating over 60% of the country’s working class contributing more than 50% to the gross domestic product.

“Having recognised the importance of such a viable and dynamic SME sector essential and pivotal for economic development, we have established the ministry responsible for SMEs and corporates,” he said.

Due to continued company closures, most people have turned to street vending to eke out a living.

Mugabe said he had instructed government to put aside 25% of all State tenders to be given to the Small and Medium Enterprises and Co-operative Development ministry for the procurement of goods and services to be reserved for players in the SMEs sector.


  1. Dzikama Robert iwe. Uv created millions of unemployed graduates now u fear consequences of your own mismanagement.
    Better vendor than steal hapabviwe zvekumhanya.

  2. old man stop blaming other people you are failing to combat employment,give these vendors jobs.many of them never dreamed that they will be vendors one day they are victims of circumstances.

    • I cant stop you from being a fool but i ask a question. Would britain or american tolerate such interferrance from Zim or any other country? Hell no…so please stop saying stupid things

  3. its a shame. that trick does not work anymore my dad. can people next to you tell you the truth, than keeping on using you.

  4. Obviously the nonagenarian lost his marbles a long time ago. He rules Zim courtesy of our cowardice.

  5. I wanted to laugh but instead shed a tear and asked how old my man was and I realised he is 91 and I said well what else can you expect.

  6. kubva rinhi mdhara???? pane kamwana kaida kuzvarwa kuchipatara kakati kobuda kakavhunza kuti ko ndiani arikutonga nurse akati ndivaMugabe ikokakati hazvirinani ndigare zvangu mudumbu ndokuriramo panze handiende

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  8. Its a matter of time,come down mr president this is not a family matter,nika abantu umsebenzi ,njengokubathemisa kwako,utshiyane lama envoys

  9. I sued to respect Mugabe until he gave power to his wife Grace. Just this year Grace told police not to chase vendors. A few months down the line Mugabe thinks vendors were created by the UK and the US. Shame, shame. Kunozove riini, Nehanda Nyakasikana?

  10. The UK and US ambassadors are untouchables your excellency..You, more than anyone knows this.

  11. You dont a word of what you said here your excellency..The UK and US ambassadors are untouchables..You, more than anyone knows this.

  12. Ohh my poor zimbabwe we try to hustle home Mugabe kicks us .And we go to other countries there is xinophobia . Should we pray and fast for a fellow men death coz planet earth is no longer a safe place because of one man

  13. Oh my poor Zimbabwe we try to hustle home Mugabe kicks us And we try to go to other Nation there is xinophobia So should we pray and fast for a fellow mens death. Mother earth is no longer a safe place to leave all blame goes to you Cde R G M

  14. Ayaas…chimudhara ichi kuti muchinepfungwa mukasoro ikako? Ayaas…chienda munozorora baba..kusvika riinhi mungori mutongi? aiwa vaMugabe matadza, bvumaiwo kuti makundikana mupewo vamwe vaedze…haaa makaoma baba.

  15. same song, same tune, when you Mugabe are messing it up, blame someone else. I wish he would expel them and see the response, he needs to be shown he is a tiny little man

  16. This is disturbing that we have this kind of mentality from such a high office. The state of this country solely is the responsibility of HE ‘s office. The current Zimbabwean economy’s status is a reflection of the POLICIES that you have been single handedly presiding over for the past 35 years. Therefore trying to push blame to other states is simply hiding behind a finger. The countries being blamed are in fact critical stakeholders in resuscitating this economy. Our expectation from you Mr President is to have care towards your people. Leader who understand principles of stewardship, servanthood and responsibility. As rightly pointed out by President Obama , we need a Leader who recognize his role to create an environment in which those you lead can fulfill their destiny and potential. Leader who is motivated by a passion to see those you lead do well rather than a means to personal benefit. have you ever asked yourself about the future welfare of these vendors when they reach 65 years. Right now whenever they need medical attention, how do they access such facilities since they have no medical aid. What kind of human capital are you creating for a future Zimbabwe. You are creating a vicious cycle of poverty stricken society.
    Mr President don’t ever think that people are that naive not to see that you have lost interest in their welfare, but rather delving on self serving behavior.

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