‘Police still clueless on Dzamara whereabouts’


THE Zimbabwe Republic Police yesterday said it was still clueless on the whereabouts of pro-democracy activist Itai Dzamara, following his abduction by suspected State security agents early last month.


Officer commanding Law and Order, Chief Superintendent Crispen Makedenge, made the admission in his latest update to the High Court and lawyers representing Dzamara’s family.

The update report, which was sent to the courts through the civil division of the Attorney-General’s Office , indicated that the police with the aid of an informant, tried to explore “all possible avenues” to locate Dzamara, but failed to make any breakthrough.

“Police are in constant contact with the lawyers for human rights in an endeavour to locate the missing person,” Makedenge said.

The top cop said early this month, an informant identified as Stephen Sibanda went to the police in company of Gift Mtisi, a lawyer representing Dzamara’s family, with information that could assist in locating the journalist-cum-human rights activist.

“His information was acted upon, but could not yield any positive results as to the whereabouts of the victim, Itai Dzamara,” Makedenge said.

“All possible avenues are still being followed and the police’s doors are open for any eventualities,” he said.

The update sent to the courts on April 13 is the second after the High Court ruled that State security agencies, the police and the ministers responsible must do “all possible to locate Dzamara” who had been leading protests against President Robert Mugabe’s alleged misrule.

After his disappearance which opposition parties and rights groups have blamed on government, the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights went to the High Court seeking an order to compel security ministers and agencies to employ all resources available to locate Dzamara.

Family members said they now feared for their own lives.


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