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I am free to work with anyone: Nyamhondera


VETERAN music producer Bothwell Nyamhondera’s contract with Diamond Studios may be one of the reasons behind the delay of Alick Macheso’s album.


The musician had promised an album at the end of last year, but did not deliver when he failed to finish his studio at Aquatic Complex.

Macheso is believed to be wooing Nyamhondera to record his new album.

There have been reports recently that Nyamhondera cannot record any artiste that is not registered with Diamond Studio, but the producer told NewsDay yesterday that his contract is not as rigid as it appears.

Nyamhondera said he has been working with several artistes that are not signed with Diamond Studios.

He said the contract appears vague although the situation on the ground simplifies the issues a lot more.

“It is true I have a binding contract with Diamond Studios, but what is happening on the ground gives you a clearer picture of the kind of relationship that we have,” said Nyamhondera.

“It is not true to say I do not record artistes that are not signed with Diamond Studios.

“At Diamond we have several artistes that are not in the stable but they bring their work and I record them.

“Then there are instances where an artiste chooses to use a different studio but they are signed to Diamond Studios.

“It may appear very confusing, but what I then cannot do is go to another studio and record their artiste that is not signed with Diamond Studios.

“That becomes conflict of interest.”

Nyamhondera said Macheso has indicated that he wants him to record the forthcoming album but that has been stalled by the need to clarify the status of his contract with Diamond Studios.

“Macheso wants me to record his album but we have to clarify these issues first.

“He also needs to refine his work on some of the stuff, but once it is clear then we can start working on some of the tracks,” Nyamhondera said.

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