Vote-buying rocks Zanu PF youth conference

Didymus Mutasa

THE upcoming elective Zanu PF youth conference slated for August has already been rocked by reports of vote-buying with some candidates allegedly splashing cash and fuel coupons to the electoral college, NewsDay has learnt.


This emerged during a no-holds-barred Zanu PF inter-district meeting held in Mutare on Sunday. The meeting was also attended by party secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa, secretary for youth affairs Absolom Sikhosana, Indigenisation minister Francis Nhema, Agriculture minister Joseph Made, Energy deputy minister Munacho Mutezo and several party MPs.

The party’s provincial youth chair Kelvin Manyengawana called for the leadership to rein in those using unorthodox means to get into power.

“The executive has been divided over this election,” said Manyengawana.

“Vote-buying is now rampant and we want to investigate where the money and the coupons are coming from.

“Had it been for money, this country would not have been liberated. This country came through an ideology and we want that same ideology that liberated this country to cascade to the youths as well and not vote-buying.

“We want the youth brigade back so that people learn the ideology of the party. However, we promise to be loyal to the party even in difficult times.”

The post of deputy secretary for youth affairs, who will be automatically become a politburo member deputising the secretary for youth affairs, will be up for grabs among other portfolios.

Several names, including that of Makoni West MP Kudzanai Chipanga, who is currently the secretary for external relations, the incumbent deputy secretary for youth affairs Edson Chakanyuka, Mhondoro Ngezi MP Mike Gava, who is the current political commissar, and Gokwe Nembudziya MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena have been linked to the post.
Sikhosana also condemned vote-buying saying the electoral college should be properly constituted as a way of plugging loopholes.
In apparent response to the plea, Mutasa gave a stern warning to those fingered in vote-buying.
“Give us their names please. If you fear to tell them, then we will do that and warn them,” Mutasa said.


  1. Haiwavo, hapana chitsva apa. Vote buying inoshamisa chii muZPF? Rigging, vote buying, chitsotsi, corruption etc ndo Trademark mumusangano medu. After all those who do it will Never Never be arrested, expelled or demoted. Sakaa! Haiwavo tibvirei zvedu titonatso jairira isu.

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  2. ZANU PF does not have any ideology to talk about.Who says ESAP,ZIMASSET or CORRUPTION are an ideology? Marxism,Lenninism,Socialism were just catch words which never saw dawn of the so called independence. By the way, what became of the ‘LEADERSHIP CODE , LAND AUDIT & CORRUPTION? Vote buying is an integral part of ZANU PF’s perfected ways of winning in any election including in their own. Stop sulking mafikezolos.That’s the game.

  3. Dont waste my time bringing names of those fraudsters. I wont take any action. Let me spend much of my time stealing state funds and assets. Remember this is my last time to indulge in active politics. I need to rest. Am an old fuddy-duddy. Ndinzwirei tsitsi.

  4. If they are talking about fuel coupons, the target can only be justice mayor wadyajena who is involved in the fuel industry and is linked to the Mnangagwa faction. So he’s already being smeared. If the provincial elections are an indication, the Mujuru camp will bulldoze their preferred candidate through. After all VP is only in place because of a change in the zanu-of constitution that barred a male candidate from contesting against her so they are used to prevailing by muscle not by democracy.

  5. Wadyajena is too junior munhu anoda zvinhu haizivi ZANU yacho achachema hake . Munhu wa Mudha iye mayor.

  6. ZPF youths? how old ar thes, Mugabe close to 100? we need to get rid of these so caled war veterans. takakurwirai, ?. ‘wat $. we fought without $ & won??’ Mujuru. SA just 20 yers of independence it has moved on. has hhad 3 presidents.Zim in e contrary abt twice tht stil one president. they stil talk independence. another war vet on succesion. apa Biti avhiringa bato Tsvangirai kani?

  7. it I’d common that we find people throwing money around when it comes to elections in Zimbabwe especially in ZANU PF those with fat pockets usually get they way up without hindrance ZANU PF ,Zimbabwe has gone go the dogs we find people who are not wanted in office. because they manipulate the system but when they are in office they don’t work everything comes to a stand still even in ZANU PF you find Amos mid I as chairman of harare and go check on the ground he is the most hated and useless chairman that party has ever had so unotoshaya kuti zvikufamba semi saka anemari muchoona achi topinda plus meeting yaive naMutasa. deyefaction yamai Mujuru

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