‘Sue Mnangagwa over Electoral Amendment Bill’

Zimbabwe parliament building

PROMINENT Gweru lawyer Brian Dube has urged the public to file a class action lawsuit against Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa and Parliament for passing the Electoral Amendment Bill without in cooperating public views recently gathered by the Jessie Majome-led parliamentary committee.


Addressing journalists attending a workshop organised by the Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) in Gweru yesterday, Dube said Mnangagwa and Parliament breached the founding values and principles of the national Constitution.

He cited Section 3 of the Constitution subsection 2 which reads: “The principles of good governance, which bind the State and all institutions and agencies of government at every level, include — (subsection G) transparency, justice, accountability and responsiveness.”

Dube alleges that in this instance Mnangagwa and the House of Assembly failed to be responsive to the issues raised by the people to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs during its public hearings.

“Parliament complied with section 149 of the Constitution by conducting public hearings but they failed to comply with section 3(2)g when the Bill was passed without as much any debate on the issues raised during the hearings,” he said.

He said Parliament and the minister should be compelled to show that they at least considered the issues raised and found that they did not warrant inclusion into the Bill.

“Both the minister and Parliament should be taken to the Constitutional Court for breaching the Constitution,” he said.

ZESN also also raised similar concerns.

In a statement, Zesn said:“None of the written and oral submissions that ZESN and other civil society organisations made were considered. ZESN is dissatisfied the passing of the Electoral Amendment Bill in Parliament without including the submissions from various stakeholders, as this goes against the spirit of democratic policy making processes as provided for in Section 141 (a) and (b) of the constitution of Zimbabwe. Parliament in its legislative mandate needs to respect and promote the letter and spirit of the new Constitution.”


  1. That is why we now rely netsvimbo yaMoses. Lawlessness to the lawless.
    The vapostori proved that whilst zanu thrive in lawlessness and abuse of state instruments, we can also thrive by disregarding their set structures.
    Zviri nani tizare mumajeri avo;

  2. Mdc is daydreaming if they are waitning for 2018 elections.
    Zpf is now on overdrive to rig elections.
    Voter slips are being abused big time to swing to their favour.
    I saw it pama byelections in Chegutu.

  3. Boycott the regime, their police and their courts.
    And we become a law unto ourselves. These guys want to be feared yet they are ilegitimate. I agree the apostori mood of civil disobidience is the way to go.

  4. Zanu has already an urge for it is guranteed that only its supportes are registered. Forget about the 4million aspiring voters. They shall vote in dream land.
    By the way Nikuv now has permanent offices in Harare.

  5. Can someone explain to me how a country of 13million has only 3million active voters?
    Zimbabweans claim to be educated but do not see Zpf is thriving in excluding millions from democracy.

  6. Maybe they should re-write the constitution and place an imoortality clause that says: Certain faction leaders shall not die before attaining highest office. Otherwise the clear path to office may meet a dead end.

  7. Even mukaenda ku con court the guy will simply ignore the court order n go ahead he listens to noone he z very stubborn

  8. This is the right time for Zimbabweans regardless of political affiliation or believes we should come together and demand our democratic right to vote. We should shape our destiny, however in this case our future is doomed as the election has already been stolen. Lawyer Brian Dube and ZESN should be commended and supported for that stance with action. It is believed Munangangwa is going to take over from Mugabe hence he is taking this move to refuse electoral amendment knowing he will loose an election. Mugabe may be a dictator but he is far better than Munangangwa and thus we are putting our future in the hands of Id Amin. There is a need for protest and no time is better than now.

  9. It has been said gore rino hariperi mnangangwa asati apinda mu office. Ths guys is paving way for himself to the presidential office. Rumours are saying Army commander ordered mugabe to leave the office to mnangangwa, ths guy is clever gore rino zvakutoda kutopindawo musango coz nyika yananga kusiko. I luv my country bt in ths way we are being treated aaaah regai ndimbogara kuno.

  10. Thank you Brian Dube for standing up for us, we need more wise lawyers like you to take us forward, not the likes of Mangoma, Biti, Madhuku and Ncube who are only after their own self glory. These old men must not be allowed to continue taking us for granted, changing laws whichever way just to keep themselves in power, we can not allow that. Enough is enough. Previous elections were stolen and now they are already in overdrive planning to steal the 2018 elections. Let’s stand up for our rights and refuse to be led down that road again like sheep to the slaughter house.

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