Donors re-engage Tsvangirai

Morgan Tsvangirai

DONORS are reportedly warming up to re-engagement with MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai amid reports that a meeting has been set for South Africa next week to discuss how to continue working with the party following turmoil that has divided the party.


Impeccable party sources yesterday said Tsvangirai would next week meet with a team representing the donor community at a yet-to-be identified rendezvous.

“We will be going next week for that meeting. It’s a meeting with donors and I don’t know what it is about or why it was called, but I think they want to engage after realising that Tsvangirai still has grassroots support,” said the source.

“They are willing to continue supporting the struggle, but they want a united MDC. They say you can’t have an MDC-T without Tendai Biti or Tsvangirai, hence efforts are being made to unite the warring factions. That is also likely to feature in that meeting,” said the source.

The sources said the meeting was called to mend the rift created by the fallout between Tsvangirai and “expelled” secretary-general Biti. It, however, was not immediately clear who had organised the meeting and whether the Biti faction had been invited.

MDC-T spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora could neither confirm nor deny reports about the planned meeting.

“I can’t confirm that, but all I can say is it’s obvious that the people are serious to realise change and they identify with Morgan Tsvangirai,” he said.

Following his fallout with Biti, Tsvangirai has held several rallies which attracted huge crowds which analysts described as indicative of his unfailing support base.

The alleged meeting comes amid reports that Tsvangirai’s faction was facing a financial crisis following the alleged withdrawal of the party’s key donors after his defeat by President Robert Mugabe in last year’s election.

Contacted yesterday for comment on whether they would accept reunification with Tsvangirai, spokesperson for the Biti faction Jacob Mafume said that there was no room for fresh negotiations.

Said Mafume:“With Tsvangirai, our position is simple. The mediation should be between the new Tsvangirai and the old Tsvangirai. That’s the only time we can talk to him. The new Tsvangirai is personalising the struggle, benefiting from corruption in the Zanu PF house which is bigger than a small clinic. We are starting a new path and a grand coalition. What people forget is Zanu PF is a grand coalition itself and we have all along been losing to a coalition.”


  1. What do they mean when they say u can’t have mdc t without Biti. Those guys are now water under the bridge & the struggle for democracy continues without them. Tsvangirai ndizvo

    • Re-engagement does not affirm sponsorship, besides the agenda of the impending meeting is only speculative and intangible suggesting that there is nothing financial on offer. MDC is dead and buried folks.

      • It is good that Morgan is reengaging donors or vice versa while at it please donors make sure he subscribes at least $20 per month to a medical aid society with part of the millions that you will give him. Instead ye kungo dya mari ne zip. We don’t want a repeat of what happened recently okay.

    • Stingray, that is exactly what Zanu p.f. says about their party. As aresult it’s now headed by a 90 year old. So you are actually saying if Tsvangirai dies that would be the end of the MDC. Pathetic.

      • we are just following in footsteps of zanu .is tsvangie the only who lead ,guys we to think ahead

  2. struggle for how many years with tsvangirai.? he is a total failure and should now step down and give others a chance otherwise he is now a dictactor. kana achirambira pachigaro asati atonga kokuzoti akatonga.

    • U don,t know what Dictator means, Dictatorship, means doing things without the majority,s consent. Save is not like that, Save varikufamba nezvido zveruzhinji, saka usarote zvako fugura musoro mumachira uone kwatoedza.

    • Resign from where. Anoda kutanga zvake ngaaiteka ega. If Tsvangirayi followers like him, let him continue. Imi musingamude tangai zvanyu zvakaita anaGwisai, Welshman Ncube, Job Sikhala (akazodzoka futi), Tendai Biti. Pane pakanyorwa kuti MDC-T chete ndoinobvumidzwa opposition here, nxa mhani

    • Resign from where. Anoda kutanga zvake ngaaiteka ega. If Tsvangirayi followers like him, let him continue. Imi musingamude tangai zvanyu zvakaita anaGwisai, Welshman Ncube, Job Sikhala (akazodzoka futi), Tendai Biti. Pane pakanyorwa kuti MDC-T chete ndoinobvumidzwa opposition here, nxa mhani

    • Mr Angel, l disagree with you when you say Tsvangirai is a total failure, he has never ruled Zimbabwe, he has only been in opposition for a long time. l would have agreed if you had mentioned the leader of the the ruling party who have stayed in power for a long period.

  3. I do not think any donor in his right senses would re-engage a mentally retarded Tsvancry, the man needs psychiatrist engagement as opposed to anything to do with politics. but i urge them to continue re-engaging him for the benefit of zanu pf , that is surely good for the country. Come election time we know that there is a mad man contesting.

    • To hell with you Reason,you are even failing to see sense in this issue,donors have realised that Tsvangirai is the only one who has a bigger support base more than Mugabe and mbiti,infact robert mugabe is now dead and buried,to hell with you,bloody idiot.

    • Reason your comments reflect hatred,anger and confusion.I am surprised that you are still following Mdc-T stories with much interest yet you despise this party very much.Reason i would like to blame you but i can’t because just like all Zanu followers ,it;s not easy to ignore Tsvangirai or avoid thinking about him when our nation is in limbo like now.But to do away with man of such caliber is disastrous .Reason like it or not, Tsvangirai is a darling to many ,not those Mugabe wifes you call ministers.

      • There is a shona saying which goes by quote” UNE BENZI NDOUNERAKE, KUDZANA KWARO UNOPURURUDZA” unquote. so am not surprised by machinja who are still rallying behind this madman, chematama, zvinowanikwa, but hapasisina deal apo nebenzi renyu.

    • reason, I don’t think that donors mind sponsoring a mentally retarded person because the main reason the Chinese continue to sponsor Zanu P.F. is that they are taking advantage of a mentally retarded person who is willing to surrender his national resources for nothing. Just look at what Mugabe’s look east policy means – that Zimbabwe should be a flea market for zhing zhong goods.

      Remember the story of the planes purchased from the China which did not even last 5 years. Only a mentally retarded person would buy planes from people who have zero confidence in them hence they buy planes from Boeing and Air Bus. This mental retard bleats about the Chinese being his all weather friends even though each time the Chinese leadership tours Africa they never come to Zimbabwe.

  4. Biti should never be allowed to be part of this struggle, he is a nyoka. We are done with him. If he is really undisputed let him stand up for himself. Ndiwo madonor akanyengera Biti vachifunga he is now popular after the coalition now they want again to sneak Biti back and cause confusion from within. Biti should never be allowed back, who can trust him?

    • unorwara , there is no mdc if biti is not there, tsvangison is too puppet to run an opposition

      • You perhaps need mental check up and reconfiguration like reason (or maybe reasonless). MDC is quite alive and kicking without this mbiti called Biti. He is a zanu plant I think.

        • if mdc is still alive then explain the equation of 45 votes as to 1139 ,guys lets be fair tsvangie he has failed so advise him correctly

  5. the only person we care bout is tsvangirai,he hasnt finished his job .rake rino pera awa president and if u for a moment thnk a grand coalition will work without tsvangirai then u are sadly mistaken.we will vote for him even if he starts a new party #nemumvura mose

  6. The problem with our political parties is foreign sponsorship. Once a party is sponsored externally, its independence is compromised, strategic decisions are then made not by Zimbabweans, but by the funders, for their own interests. The main culprits are Zanu pf and MDC-T. They are both entitled to government funding, but we have a situation whereby they are both funded by outsiders, and they are actually breaking the law. It is a shame.

    • machakachaka u are right by how is zunu pf sponsered from outside. that a sovereign party my man. Tsvangison is the one being too puppet.

    • Have you perhaps forgotten that Mugabe got foreign funding during the days of the liberation struggle? Why then is it then an issue that Morgan is getting foreign funding? Or is someone in a panic mode after realising that Mogizo has conquered once again?

  7. Let the elective congress decide on whether Tsvangirai should continue leading or not. To jump the gun and say he is a dictator is unfortunate as he did not impose himself, but was retained there by the people including those who are clamouring for his removal. The renewal team has in fact, demonstrated that it is selfish and self-centred. they should be patient until the congress. That Tsvangirai is a total failure is missing the point – Tsvangirai is not the MDC neither is the MDC Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai and the renewal team both lost to ZANU PF. To point to Tsvangirai alone for losing the election is unjust. Can the same be said on several occassions when the MDC won? The team failed, and that can not be attributed to one man.

  8. Is this Mafume guy right upstairs. Everytime he opens his mouth he talks rubbish. We want to hear positive things about his faction not insults.

  9. @Angel,i’m sorry to inform you that you are ill advised to think that MDC-T is the only donor funded party iin Zim.Your beloved Zanu PfF is funded by China and quite a number of white individuals,so no one is clean among est this two political heavy weights when it comes to foreign funding !

  10. who says chamatama is in need of any donor? zimurungu riya ratendewuka rashaiwa zvokubwereketa.

    its the donors who need tsvangson bakhiti he is on vacation yet they want to give him more awards for his charity work privileges.

    go tell the donors to engage wit those in the right angle of 90 degree power so we may straighten things up a bit.

    remember the triangle country of ours is anchored around power privilege 45degrees and justice 45degrees corners none of which can look good without the other two.

  11. If donors have the Zimbabwean people’s concerns at heart then it’s only right that they should fund the people’s choice which is the MDC-T with no strings attached such as inviting Biti back who they obviously intend to groom. A true leader is one that stands firm on his principles and identifies with the everyday man on the street, we do not see that in the likes of Biti, Ncube, Mutambara,Mafume and Mangoma.

  12. @Angel if u think mdc is Biti tell Biti to stand in the next elections then open your dirty mouth Tsvangirai is like Zanu pf without Gushungo pple know who Biti represent except u and Mufumes muhondo mawataura taitocheka imi miromo

  13. So kana zvinhu zvacho zvakadai tofa pasina change, nokuti ari kudiwa nevanhu vacho ndiye akanzi naTBJ haafi akatonga kkkkk

  14. Angel, I am surprised that u can sit there and write that Zanu Pf is not sponsored from outside. If u are not deliberately lying then u have consumed too much sickening garbage from ZBC. Pliz dont say what you dont know. Zanu is receiving massive financial support from outside our borders, if u dont know that then please dont contribute to this and other fora. NXaaa

  15. mafume is a fooll, traitor, illetarate ignorant bastard. I wonder why Biti can bang on this guy as his spokesman. The whole Nation knows and love Tsvangirai, even Mugabe himself will love tsvangirai as his opposition nt this immatures

  16. Tsvangirai,Arsenal and Warriors they have this in common ‘they give you high hopes but u wont achieve anything’ …….food fo thot

  17. Daydreamers waste precious time on their STUPID wishful thinking like,’MDC-T IS DEAD & BURIED’. This MDC-T party is very much alive&kicking strongly. Just wait&see some BIG men&women going kuMapostori to win votes. And of course NIKUV will be certain to give help again…
    Terrible,foolish behaviour was rampant by comrades during the war of liberation.Numerous yet meaningless murders were actually committed by our comrades.Zvokucheka magaro zvinotova zvitete. War vets are not at all saints.Some of them maimed & killed for no good reason….
    Of course donors have now realized that they were fooled.However,with or without donors,the struggle will continue.
    We don’t need SELL OUTS just to regain donor funding.
    While it is true that every political party in Zimbabwe,including ZANU PF itself needs foreign donor funding,MDC-T should prepare itself to move on independently. After all,we are fighting for our own freedom. A zanu pf although black gvt does not mean our freedom at all. We have simply replaced a bad gvt system with a worse oppressive ZANU PF regime. THE REGIME HAS RUINED OUR ECONOMY, a fact well known by MDC-T enemies.

  18. we are tired of these donors they are the ones who creates misunderstanding within zim political parties lets be careful

  19. Donor funds YES but mbiti n madrums NO. Plz Dr Tsvangirai wen u go to meet these donors be principled on this please otherwise we will never forgive you!!!For-warned

  20. Mafume says Tsvangirai stays in Zanu pf house but ignores the fact that Biti is representing GonoWhat a fallacy

  21. Donors now realised that Morgan is more and he is the only man who gave Mugabe sleepless nights very much in 2007, 2008 and until now. Mutambara, Ncube, Madhuku, Jonathan Moyo, Biti, Makoni, Tekere, Muzorehwa, Sithole etc all these people l mentioned tried but they could not shake Mugabe only Tsvangison did and still doing. Remember 2008 when Zimbabwean people where starving, Mugabe instead of helping the people he chose to buy weapons for $10 000000 because he was scared of Tsvangison, but Tsvangison didn’t have any weapons asi chingori zvacho chikara cheZanu pf. People we must be very aware of Biti because he is talking about “Tsvangirai is benefiting from zanu pf because of that mansion and a zanu pf wife”, ok fine what about him Biti, he’s wining and dining with G Gono of which that Gono is Mugabe’s right hand man.

  22. Benzi ibenzi chete, chokwadi chinorwadza, kunyange mukaramba sei , benzi tava kuriziva isu, face inotaura yega.

    • yes reason, couldn’t agree more. Mugabe’s face shows he is a madman prepared to take his country to the dogs for the benefit of his Chinese friends.

  23. we cant say tsvangirai is a failuire ne 14yrs chete remember makarwa nevarungu kubva 1896 mukazonzwirwa tsitsi 1980. pamberi nestruggle save

  24. Biti anemari. Kana muchida vhunzayi Bennet kuti kune mari ndekupi. Without money you cannot competen and win.

  25. Tsvangson appeals to e masses and thats his huge political advantage that any sane zimbo cant overlook

  26. Biti is very much confused he is the one who caught those little zanu pf pigs being used in vote rigging but nhasi you are saying Save akadyiwa boz haasina value mu party. your power hungry lust has driven you mad. we all saw the clip so fool yrself tendai beast.

  27. no doubt Biti faction is pushing for re engagement but they are using donors. Tsvangirai must be careful because i can see a situation were Biti faction will ask for certain positions not to be contested at congress as a condition for re engagement. Biti knows very well if they contest any position at congress they will lose .

  28. I think the best you have done is to inform the readers of your paper that they is a meeting set down. All other things you are telling us about what the agenda of the meeting is are all speculative. So the best thing is for you to wait for the meeting to be done maybe you will be invited and then you can tell us all the details now you can touch this and touch that but it will not help but waste your ink.

  29. Yes, there will be NO MDC-T without Tsvangirai but MDC-T can do without Biti and Mangoma. We are behind you Save, we will support you until all is good

  30. It just shows how primitive some people are ,obviously these people hate tsvangirayi for nothing their arguments have no substance at all ,now because the renewal team is not what they expected, they back to talking nonsense about tsvangirayi,it has proved politics is about numbers.

  31. RG Mugabe had a rally last year at Mucheke in Masvingo which I attended and which attracted more than 50000 people…He has had many such rallies…These are not people who are forced or bribed to go they are supporters of Mugabe&ZANU-PF……R we saying Mugabe&ZANU should stay bcoz they can hold huge rallies?????? Even when they have failed/overstayed????
    Same with Morgan chero ane support he has failed and overstayed….Not a fan of Biti but I refuse to believe no one else can lead opposition or this country other than Morgan or Mugabe…..Zimbabwe wake up…Dont exchange one dictator with another like we did with Mugabe&Smith

    • i dont expect anything better from jacob mafume.he knows if the parties reunite he loses his current position.just another power hungry small brain hiding behind the title of a lawyer

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  33. @Changling11 you are living in dream land. Its the masses period and there is nothing so stubborn and unyielding like an idea whose time is ripe. Tsvangirai is just the face of the struggle not the embodiment. Our kids deserve a better future and they will live it for sure.

  34. Donors! Don’t forget that people of this country have got the right to choose thier own leader.Don’t choose for them.On top of that you still remain with the right to sponser a party of your choice.Lets be fair on these two matters.

  35. To all insane idiots who are hallucinating here saying Morgan has failed , What did he fail to do ? To rig elections is that what you mean has failed to do ? Some one has totally ruined our country but you can not even point a finger at him blood agents cio do not fool us we know who has failed in this country it is 90 yr old cancer victim ,

  36. Failure or not I still salute Tsvangirai for his boldness and being the one man who has really stood against Zanu in the open whilst all of you who are calling him a failure do not even want to stand for what you believe. Because of that I will still support him regardless of his other flaws. I would want the guy to have a chance and away with those who want to divide the votes. Rather be on one side and fight the enemy than dividing the camp whilst the enemy is watching and laughing.

  37. People, what is your measurement of failure? One has not been give a chance to rule and contest a free and fair election. If zpf is still wanted and loved why not have a real independent electoral body and abide by sadc minimum conditions for democratic elections and not harass people that want to support a party of their choice in places like mash east, central and west, not involve chief in rural areas. If Chematama Tsvangirai fails after he has been given this then I will be the first strike for him to go, he has not been give that chance so I see no reason to change general in the middle of a war. Reason, angle and Mashy and like minded people are there to confuse. I wonder why they bother being here than being kuherald

  38. people, how does one fail if one has not been given a chance to rule or run a free and fair election? I f zpf is still wanted and loved lets why are they afraid to have an independent electoral commission and run elections on sadc minimum democratic election requirements. have people support the party of their choice and attend rallies of choice in areas like mash east, central and west and other areas of the country that are no go. If he fails I will also ask for him to go, before that I done hapana nyaya how can you change a general in the middle of war

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