Miss Earth Zim promotes commercialisation of waste


REIGNING Miss Earth Zimbabwe Samantha Dika has urged community members to promote waste separation in their homes so as to minimise environmental pollution.

Vimbai Marufu

Speaking to Harare residents recently at a waste management meeting organised by Miracle Missions in partnership with City of Harare, Dika said that separating garbage — that is bio-degradable materials and recyclable materials — can help the council and has value addition as waste can now be sold.

“I am working with Plastic Incorporation promoting anti-littering through the use of vehicle bags and recycling bags. People can now make a living out of waste, but separating it first is the value addition part,” she said.
Dika also urged the promotion of grey water and protection or water resources and blasted musicians for not removing their posters after shows which she said has become a “visual eyesore”.
Speaking at the same event, Mary Wazara from World Without Litter said that their organisation would be working with other stakeholders to tackle the “litter war” and achieve a litter-free environment in the next 10 years.
World Without Litter launched a number of projects that include Green Chikoro campaign, cash for trash, central business district campaigns, suburb campaigns and Green Kereke campaign.
“We will be conducting workshops with teachers so they can educate students about the environment who will then enlighten their parents,” Wazara said.
“We are working in suburbs promoting waste separation and already have volunteers who will be collecting all the waste so as to offload most of it from our nation.”
She added that they would also be advocating for a national day of cleaning to be adopted in the country.
Trish Mukudu, a City of Harare waste management inspector, said last week they launched operation remove posters in Harare.
Dika, who was crowned Miss Earth last year, has been planting trees in most of Harare council primary schools, prisons and orphanages. She recently received a Women’s Philanthropic Award for her outstanding achievements in green awareness activities.