Violence mars Tsvangirai rally

VIOLENT clashes rocked MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s rally in Gweru yesterday where three party activists — suspected to be linked to a team of “internal party rebels” campaigning for leadership renewal — were assaulted and had their T-shirts torn.


This is the fifth time that violent scenes have occurred in Tsvangirai’s presence and came hardly a month after the ex-Premier declared a truce among warring factions in his labour-backed opposition party.

The first incident occurred in February at the party headquarters in Harare where suspended MDC-T deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma was assaulted for spearheading the anti-Tsvangirai campaign.

Similar violent scenes were witnessed in Mutare, Glen Norah and Zhombe where party members attacked their opponents and called for Mangoma, Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya and MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti to be expelled from the party.

The victims in yesterday’s attack said they were beaten up for wearing campaign T-shirts bearing Chikwinya’s face. Chikwinya is believed to be part of the group campaigning for leadership renewal alongside Mangoma and Biti.

Party spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora denied that violence had broken out, saying: “We challenge those who claim they have been assaulted to report to the police. There were plenty of people wearing Chikwinya’s T-shirts. There was no violence.”

One of the victims, Wedzerai Chirenda, said she had to ask for a blouse from sympathisers after her MDC-T T-shirt was torn.

“They assaulted me, Thomas Amonda and Stanley Nyirenda and tore our T-shirts. They only left me with a bra and I had to cover up my body with a blouse supplied by another supporter,” Chirenda said.

“They told us that Chikwinya campaign T-shirts were not wanted because he (Chikwinya) verbally assaulted the president (Tsvangirai). When we arrived, we struggled to get in at the security gate until a certain councillor called someone who said we should be allowed in. But we were welcomed by violence and our T-shirts were torn to pieces.”

The victims said they reported the incident to MDC-T organizing secretary Nelson Chamisa. Chamisa refuted the allegations.

But, Chikwinya yesterday said he did not attend the rally after he was warned by some party supporters of the impending attack.

“It was not a Tsvangirai-Mangoma issue, it is purely violence. They paint their target with the Mangoma brush to have the moral authority to attack,” Chikwinya said, adding that he suspected the violence was being sanctioned at the party’s highest levels.

The clashes occurred as Chalton Hwende, an MDC-T executive member loyal to Tsvangirai, posted on his Facebook wall that the Gweru rally was a platform to denounce the “rebels”.

The internecine violence also took place as Mwonzora and activist Patrick Murimoga have recorded a music album praising Tsvangirai and urging supporters to rally behind him.

The five-track album, titled Tsika Mutanda, was released against the backdrop of intense infighting following calls for Tsvangirai to step aside.

Senior party officials, among them Mangoma and some provincial chairpersons, have been suspended for supporting leadership renewal and not publicly declaring their allegiance to Tsvangirai.

On the album, Tsvangirai is touted as the only opposition politician with the capacity to unseat Zanu PF’s President Robert Mugabe. The MDC-T leader has, in controversial circumstances, failed to dislodge Mugabe in the last three successive polls each time claiming vote rigging.

“One of the songs says this struggle must have discipline, and it must have a leader and not many leaders and the leader of this struggle is Tsvangirai. The other song warns party members to be wary of those using money to destabilise the party,” Mwonzora, who was in Bulawayo to finalise the recording of the album on Saturday, said.

Songs on the album recorded at a private studio in Bulawayo include Nomakanjani, Musatengesa Musangano, Tsvangirai Mutungamiri, Tsika Mutanda and an instrumental.

The song Nomakanjani pledges undying support for Tsvangirai while Musatengesa Musangano and Tsvangirai Mutungamiri urge party supporters “not to sell out” by backing moves to topple Tsvangirai. Tsika Mutanda blames Zanu PF for all socio-economic ills bedevilling Zimbabwe.

Of late, Tsvangirai’s die-hard supporters have been falling over each other to pledge their undying support for him, with some equating him to the Biblical Moses who led the Israelites from slavery in Egypt to the promised land of Canaan.

Mwonzora joins the likes of the late Zanu PF commissar Elliot Manyika who also released an album pledging support for Mugabe and Zanu PF.

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  1. tendai chaminuka

    No salvation from Zim politics,its a coin with the same side.Unfortunately all are tails no head.Hero worshipping.Creation of Hitlers

  2. to be quite honest, how can we distingish this party from zanupf?

  3. nxaa MDC ne ZANU zvakangofanana

  4. MDC T is a party full of thieves and boxers. No wonder why they are alway fighting. Tsvamgirai is nothing but a puppet of the west. He has failed over three times and if he is democratic the he must just stand down. Anyway where did he get the money$300000 to pay Loca????????

    Masubs evanhu aya.

  5. Tsika Mutanda

    What’s happening in the MDC-T is a tragedy. Tsvangirai and clowns like Chamisa and Mwonzora are decampaining themselves massively in the eyes of the voting public. Decent folks would never want to be associated with violence, lies or sycophancy. We are in the 21st century for Christ’s sake!

  6. Tsika Mutanda

    Zombies like Morgan Tsvangirai, Nelson Chamisa and Douglas Mwonzora are decampaining themselves through their violence, hero-worshipping and lies. By 2018 the electorate would have seen through these pretenders and they will be condemned to the dustbin of history.

  7. Hi. Mr Editor, your paper is not reporting issues correctly inthe MDC-T. You seem to have an agenda of your own. The headline of your today’s edition is wrong and misleading. Can you tell me what was said by the MDC leadership at the rally, nothing! You are interested in nit-picking. Shame on you. You are only seeing bad things inthe party and misleading Zimbabweans into a false impression that M.T is violent and is no longer useful as a leader. i think you are dead wrong, time will prove this to you. You don’t need to take sides like what you used to do with the failed project of Prof Ncube, just report news as they are. You are even risking the credibility of your paper. Soon you will start counting the losses when people start shunning your paper.

    1. tendai chaminuka

      @Chief,MDC-T has created a brand and that is of violence.Unfortunately, where ever they go people will concentrate more on those traits.I love your character…ooo

      1. Chief is right. I said it last week. Three weeks ago you had a headline: “Supporters disrupt Tsvangirai rally”, where you carried on with your agenda of misinforming Zimbabweans. You are still at it. Even the Herald had a better header: “MDC-T Supporters demand Mangoma/Biti resignation”. Same story. Different agendas. Why will Mangoma not practise the democracy he is preaching? It is your paper causing the violence because when people’s aims are violated through misreporting like you do, they get frustrated. It’s like ZANU PF. When you steal and rob people’s democratic right to chose their leader, they end up finally realising that only violence will free them – that’s how ZANU PF themselves went to war against Rhodesia. Through your paper, Mangoma and Biti are subverting Zimbabweans’ true feelings regarding Morgan Tsvangirai. And it is ZANU PF’s policy of stealing elections and mis-reporting that will destabilise this country. Distorting the truth for hidden agendas is the most violent deed of all.

        1. There is no mis-information here! Kana vanhu vakarohwa vakarohwaka! Unodirei kuti kutaurwe zvimwe!?

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  9. @ chief you are dead right this newsday is the one that is gonna be relagated into the dustbins like what happened to Chronicle

  10. mr editor, you lack journalism. you now looks like the herald or maziwisa. at least maziwisa was doing it for the sake of personal gain, but now he was sacked in zmdc board. they used him like a condom and he wants to go back to south Africa, infarct he is regretting to be used by zanupf. I was respecting this paper but now I am doubting it. is it the editor or the editor was bribed by jonathan moyo or Elton mangoma. I attend one of mangoma’s rallies, we were few but he flashes money. I hope those who gave him money will see soon that their project wont succeed. mr editor may pliz learn from ncube. they are deserting him daily. ncube is a village politician

  11. We are tired of hooligan politics.The salvation of Zimbabwe lies outside politics.We need God and nothing more.All these are the signs of the end times.All revolutions consume their own children.Beware of despots in the making.

  12. The shoe is in the other leg.Newsday used to run useless stories like Mugabe Goes To Toilet. You never critisised it but now u want it to shut up about violence. Keep it up Newsday mud is sticking bit by bit

  13. hodhera mhamhe

    zanupf thinks that mdc have violence more than them. they forget that they kill 1 500 mdc supporters since its has launched. if you want to know violence go and ask zanupf, they will give you some ideas of violence coz they are professors in violence. it was not violence at mkoba, it was a small problem being exaggerated by mr editor with his hidden agenda

  14. Regardless of our political affiliation we must roundly condemn violence.It has no place in modern society. The MDC should learn to embrace dialogue. Intra party violence is bad coz u are attacking someone who is 1. Your countryman,2. Shares the same broad political ideals. Kurai machinja please.

  15. Mapenzi Dhumanai Chaizvo

    kikikikikikiki CHIEF Newsday is just reporting what happened coz some of us were not there and we need to know what is happening to MDC – T Chokwadi chinorwadza .

  16. We say mugabe is wrong by overstaying so what is this tsvangirai doing for a difference. Where did you get all the money to marry and cheer up all those wives you bedded with iwe usatiita mafuza wave kurambirei kubva pachigaro plus uri zibenzi rinosetterwa vakadzi uku Nikuv ichirova basa woti vanhu vangakudira hudofo ihwowo?

    Hama dzangu ngatingwarei, haisi zanu chete inemaweakness in its national leadership ne MDC iyo yatove nemutupo wekuti mdc T as if tsvangirai onws a party. What difference would they have made if they renewed the Part and run their Publications and Marketing before the 2018 elections.

    Remember kuti ndiani akambodaidzira masantions and as we speak a lot divorced, died of cholera and political violence emaneting from created unncessary hate

    Please lets have good direction as citizens so that politians from all dive wont take advantage of us

    It is also good that all of us urge cde robert mugabe to step down since he has, of recent, failed us.

    1. Tsvangirayi is not president of Zim and his party policies do not have direct effects on the generality of zimbabweans. Mugabe led farm invasions, sent ZNA to DRC and whaat happened thereafter? That’s y we need a new broom as country leader. Mugabe can remain Zanu leader for as long he lives but I for one am tired of him being my president. Wade of Senegal was in opposition politics for 30 years b4 he became president. Y should Tsvangirayi resign when the struggle is far from over?

  17. news day muri mastupi ku blocka comment yangu idiot dzenyu mese…nxaa

  18. news day muri mastupid ku blocka comment yangu idiot dzenyu mese…nxaa

  19. Zimbabwe will never be d same by 2020, Wat I no is tht God will lead ths country . it’s beta tu run away frm poltcs of ths country n turn tu God

  20. vanhu weee vanhuu weee fungai musati ma isa contribution dzenyu panoo…you must analyse this issue sevanhu vakadongorera mikova yezvikoro kwete kuratidza hudofo hwenyu pano.. Mangoma arikuita ma rally ake but hapana mdc t supporter yakainda kuno vhiringidza ava varikurohwa vanhu vari kutodyaa nazvoo izvii and their aim is to tunish Save’s image so that mangoma wil succeed…evry1 knows kut mangoma iz taking e wrong path saka kana uchi bvumirana naye mangoma usaenda kwa Save coz havasi kuwirirana zvakafanana nekuenda ku rally yeZanu waka pfeka mdc t shirt unorohwa zvekuti unoita musheee.

  21. ini kuno ndikato sangana na mangoma one on one ndomurova zvisingaiti coz i stupid isingaiti vakaurayisa hama dzakawanda now vakurwira hukuru idiot

  22. Zveviolence izvi ndezveZANU PF shasha dzokurova vanhu. If at all they manage they want to decide MDCT before the death of Mugabe the vampire. Hatidi vapanduki. MDC T tavapedo kusvika. MaRebels its too late please don’t disturb us.

  23. philo and chief, the outstanding issue is about violence which mdc t refuses to accept not what they said on their gweru rally.its people like chief who always want to hear good about their party to the extent that any one who talks bad has an not very sure if chronicle was relagated as philo would want us to believet,maybe in his mind or according to his party.

    1. tozvireva u are right,ko chinoita kuti munhu agare chigaro for more than ten years chiii? after all zvaakagarira zvacho haasi kuzvikwanisa,3 attempts tsvangirai achitadza kubisa Mugabe ,tomupa 4th ,kkkk lol zvimwe zviri pachena,ngaambopewo vamwe mukana ana mwonzora hataivaziva pakatanga mdc apa vakumiramira papi,last time the party was torn apart in 2005 ,because of poor leadership,zanu ine mafactions asi haiparare nekuti Mugabe is not a loser,tsvangirai ngaabve pliz nekuti he had his time.MDC haisi yake.Please .

      1. ko Mangoma waimuziva here u blood cio

  24. enomous muzani

    thank you editor. there was nothing to report. about that surpass violence. what zim needs now is total political face uplift. a generation which wil take zim to a destine we all dream off. Thats why i wil scrutinize the newly formed DARE. given tje stance they have taken so far. iam beginning to like them . going by today’s report of petitioning the president. please more inform bout them.

  25. this report is a very big lie,,i was there no violence errupted infact this paper is miguided and very stupid,,we had a peaceful rally and the atmosphere was ecstatic,,yu have an agenda butr you cant break our spirits save is the man….tsvangirai tomira naye

  26. MDC-T waste of political space. Led by a failed politician, Tsvangirai. His party is not serving any purpose and should disband forthwith. We are sick and tired of hearing about this useless party.


    You used to be a gud paper on political reporting but of late you are now showing immaturity on tarnishing Tsvangirai’s image.Let me advise yu kuti Save has a great base to boost your business or to cause downfall to your business.If he denounces your paper kurally,your business will go down.You always report Tsvangirai as a violent man but the truth shall come out because muri kubhejera bhiza rakavhunika gumbo.Save rwizi rukuru rwakayeredza rubbish yakawanda.

    1. Morgan Richard

      Tsvangirai does a good job of tarnishing his own image. There is no need for anyone, let alone Newsday, to tarnish his image. If Newsday are guilty of any crime it is their attempt not to publish some of Tsvangirai’s foolish utterances and actions. Believe you me there are plenty of such. And with clowns like Nelson Chamisa and Douglas Mwonzora around him, Tsvangirai is definitely zooming into political oblivion!

  28. Violance is part of politics in africa leaders don’t call for it but supporters do.If yu want to remove leaders like mugabe without violance its a waste of time bcoz war is part of violance that’s why mugabe is a president thru violance smith was overcomed,thru violance farms are gone.Tsvangirai is not a violant man. That’s why its taking long for him but otherwise mangoma and club must leave mdc t alone and start a new party bcoz we will not stop fighting them

  29. No matter what, Tsvanfirai anodiwa hake vakomana. Leadership renewal is bound to fail. If MT has to go he must go with the likes of Biti and Mangoma because its apparent that Mangoma could not release funds to sabotage MT….Anoda ngaaende hake and form yake OR team up with the least supported MDC-N….MT is the face of the opposition in Zim FULLSTOP.

  30. If u support Mangoma unoenderei kwaMT, unorohwa. Form yo party…

  31. Mdc without MT is a toothless bulldog

  32. matombo chiremba

    ‘ Violent clashes rocked MDC-T leader Tsvangirai’s rally in Gweru………’ But newsday are blatantly betraying their hatred for Tsvangirai are they not? Three individuals report their T-Shirts being torn and these are violent clashes!!! Lets all be serious……….including newsday

  33. Newsday you are missing it.

  34. this is how they do

  35. Tsvangirai ane hattrick ye kurobwa namudhara Bob .our highway to victory is maZpf .anenge haasatianyatsonzwa marovero abob come 2018 muchiti svave svave .

  36. Kave kapaper kezanu pf efu. chingokatii zanunews, ko mudhara wenyu akatobvuma ma factions arimo wani, why concentrating on MDC

  37. Hapana nyaya apa there are pple now who go looking for touble why if you have different ideologies you simply stay away period.

  38. Morgan’s linch mobs are no joke. Ask Mangoma.

  39. enomous muzani what face lift can be done besides a revolution and you know its the most dangerous job in zimbabwe are you prepared to do that ur self i doubt it and when it comes to that its not about mdc or tsvangirai lets go for it

  40. Zanu paper to hell

    1. People of this accursed party…unite, stop the violence. Why drive trucks around town chanting “Pasi naMangoma…Pasi na Biti…….”

  41. I agree with TJC, this paper might now be lying. It thinks it can sell more by potraying MDC as a violent party. This newsday might now be working hand in hand with Zanupf. Do you honestly think Zanupf won the elections and MDC lost, which people are you using as your sample, I am beginning to doubt Newsday too

  42. Mdc is a failed is now beyond any reasonable doubt mdcT can never and will never be able to dislodge the revolutionary party.mudhara warned you b4 july 31st elections,that the level playing field you were always complaining about is not a reality in this world.mdcT spend its time in engaging in useless negotiations forgeting that the game is won in the field not in the office.

  43. Newsday is spot on. Violence is vice and cancer that is not acceptable in today’s society. Criminals who plan execute and sponsor violence like what chamisa and Tsvangirai are doing must be exposed. The next stage must be prosecution because where ever and whenever they hold meetings or rallies people are beaten. Is that democracy? Next thing we are going to hear of either rape or murder at some of the Tsvangirai gatherings. Imagine a presidential aspirant who doesn’t know what’s urgent who goes to sleep around with zany pf just before a crucial election and loses $300 000 in an out of court settlement and stages a false or fake wedding and hopes to convince the nation he can be a president. That’s a joke

  44. Hy people do not wste time thinking of trivial issues reported in the paper. the truth of the matter is that’this country was ruined by the hostile policies of Zanu. The mdc is trying to knock sense into zanu`s brains. My people do not forget that 99.9% of the youths you come accross havafi vakasevenza kana tikaramba tichitevera makwara echitororo ezanu. Chitororo takaita chakapera, ngatirege kufunga kuti Chaminuka achauya kuzotigadzirira toyota kana benz. ngatitarise zviri mberi sezviri kuitwa nemdc. Tinogadzirisana in good faith torarama sevarungu!!!!!

  45. what was wrong with my comment. Thank you I may avoid coming to this site again thank you.
    but my last shot is They all failed so if MT is going they all must go especially those who sabotaged the people’s project.

  46. Tsvangison why did you open the flood gates by inviting rebels like Sikala to re-unite with you? Hauna njere. The worst is yet to come kusvika chi party chinonzi mdc-t chapera.Although Zanu pf is a big idiot you are not doing better than them; kuenda to the extend of producing an album hero worshiping you? You are copying Zanu pf and dictatorship tendencies are strongly manifesting in you. Ngwena achakukaurisa, so near yet so far!!!!

  47. as long as Morgan Tsvangirai is alive he is my man,say everything wat you want to, wat you feel like in any way but remember Morgan is more ,violence is everywhere even in the ruling party but yu vanhu wenewsday munotya kurikitwa nezanu mukataura zvisingaifadzi,,,,Morgan makes politics easier in our nation todai tichiita dopadzvi nayo zanu iyi ,,,,,,Morgan let people say wat they want to say but we are behind you viva mdc

  48. Not MDC-T suppoter but I know there is third and foruth hand in play

  49. You foolish MDC people don’t you that the state intelligence machinery is even in your leader bedroom.

  50. ko democracy iripiko nhai save zvamavakuputsa chitsidzo makangofanana nezanu pf ka?

  51. Newsday matanga zvino kuita maCIO ikoko. Ko madini masiya Save waite zvawanogona weduwe. Rubbish dzose dziri kuitika muZanu PF munotya kudzitaura. Nama nama naSave> Siyanai naye. Mawe kuita zveHerald manje. Who is mangoma muhupenyu hwedu. Ko imi vanhu why do you come kwasave muchinatsoziva kuti Save ndeweMhomho yevanhu. Munorohwaka aiye. Save musaterere miridzo enderarai mberi. Asi zvanaDokora wauraya eduction hamuzvitaure. Nekamwe kambuya kaPerm Sec keEducation. munoda kutyisidzira maTeacher imi muchiwanyima mari futi. Iwe Dokora wauraya future yevana wedu iwe. Imari yako here iri kubhadhara maextra Lessons. Isu vanhu tikada kusiya Dokora achiita zvaari kuita vana wedu are going to fail suucessfully. just waita and see. Mateacher haasi vana wanamai wenyu.

  52. Vonai I like your comments
    Tsvangirai is a burden and liability to the Democratic cause in Zimbabwe. A sexmaniac who has violence in his DNA can’t be a state president

  53. cio is actualy in nyirenda s bedroom

  54. pamela Pamhai

    Vanhu vanodenha zviri pachena ngavamamiswe. No apologies for that. iDemocracy rudzii yekurega vanhu vachiita musarinya? Ngavarohwe. Heee violence, hee violence kuita sei kwacho? Hatidi kunyeperana, Mangoma naBiti imboko, ngavamamiswe. Hatingavaregi vachiuraya musangano because ‘violence haiite”. Pachirungu vanoti “Spare the rod and spoil the child”.

  55. Pamela use the rod and lose. Tsvangirai chamisa and mwonzora imboko. I think you like that statement

    1. Mangoma MDC Team is doing his thing and those that resonate with his thinking including BITI must go to his rallies, why bother come to Tsvangirayi rallies. Life should go on till congress and we see who wins the hearts of the people. Newsday follow Mangoma at his rallies and report his good deeds if at all he has any, thus democracy at play, than paint Tsvangiayi in bad taste for nothing.

  56. l have just been going thru the comments posted on this article and am amazed by the lack of appreciation zimbabweas hve about their politics. The issue that took us long to dislodge the settler regime is the lack oness.

    l remember the comrades resorted to thorough beating and to some extend shooting the sell outs not that they did not care for lives. This was done to ensure that correct signals will be sent to the would be sell outs.

    l am reading in utter amazement accusations and counter accusations in the mdc about the goings on in their part. l can tell you that the part is highly infiltrated to say the least. The do not know what is heating them.

    I can tell you intelligence is at play. By the time they realise this, they will be nothing left to talk about. l urge who think they support the part to hve a self introspection. what hve they really done for their part which makes them think they deserve to be at its helm.

    During the negotiations for the inclusive govt we used to hear in the herald that mangoma and biti were clamouring for the strategic ministries. the herald had foretold skemishes in the mdc and these were being centred around thse same guys.


  57. musanyeberwe vakomana,mugabe ndiye akatanga nazvo,kana mangoma neteam rake vanetsa
    batai vanhu,vakiyei zviri too bad,kusvika vafoamer yavo party,batai vanhu.Aswotwa ngaabvunze zamu pf

  58. Kana ndirini hangu kana tiri kuMDC nyorai henyu hazvititadzise kuda musangano nokuti hatina kumuka tiriko we retired from failed ideologies dzeZanu inodya mazai ayo and we are not deterred nor subverted by you CIO juarnolist

  59. Musadheerere newsday ndiko kapepa kanodiwa nevanhu the herald and dailynews anemapato aakarerekera. Thanks newsday for unbiased reporting. Tsvangirai is nothing to the extend of downsise your sales through decampaigning you . He is Mr Nothing.dont be intimidated nemadiehard supporter a Tsvangison

  60. why attending tsvangirai rally when yu are anti tsvangirai. guys go and attend chikwinya mangoma rally otherwise munodashurwa.
    MRT ndizvo

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