Zimbabwe to introduce environmental police officers

A TOP government official has disclosed that plans to introduce environmental police officers in urban centres to curb the problem of littering were at an advanced stage.


Speaking at the launch of the organic pollutants national implementation plan in Harare on Tuesday, Environment, Water and Climate deputy minister Simon Musanhu said the move was meant to enforce anti-litter by-laws in urban centres.

“I am concerned because I sometimes walk across the city and hardly find rubbish bins. I am aware Harare City Council is looking for partnerships with the private sector to provide rubbish bins. I am also aware that plans to have environmental police to manage the issue of litter in town are at a developed stage,” Musanhu said.

He urged residents to join government’s anti-litter campaign, saying Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) posed a major health hazard.

“They are highly toxic and harmful to humans and animals. The plan is truly national and the aim is to reduce and ultimately eradicate the usage of POPs,” Musanhu said.

Zimbabwe is a signatory to the Stockholm Convention that advocates for the reduction of the use and production of POPS such as harmful industrial chemicals and pesticides. Environmental Management Agency director-general Mutsa Chasi also said they were contemplating setting up environmental offices at police stations to manage the problem of litter in cities.


  1. The Environmental Management Act 20:27 largely lacks enforcement. What role does industry play in production of litter. Government has left responsibility in the hands of municipalities and councils with overloaded dumb sites and no appropriate landfill tipping fees. Its time industry is responsible for the waste it creates. Let’s copy success with pride.

    1. Great idea. Big industry in the west say they want ‘extended producer responsibility’ so if this is actually true they should take this cause up.

  2. These environmental police officers will do one thing with all their energy: that is to collect as much bribes as they can.

    1. @Farai- Of course that is what they will do. I hope they recruit from the traffic section which appears OVERSTAFFED AND OVERSTUFFED as it is…Please do not add more salaries to an already bloated wage bill..oh, who is listening anyway..recruit all your friends…as many as you can!

  3. It’s an open secret that the Harare city council is not issuing litter bins. They also are not collecting litter where it’s finally dumped by desperate residents. So instead of penalising people for littering, why not invest that pending recurrent expenditure into bins and trucks. Also advise industry to divest from Pops, both at manufacuring level and packaging trends. We also must go back to using nappies and dicourage the use of pampers.

  4. Can I just give you insight about cleanliness and the importance of and orderly environment. See, what we don’t know as blacks meaning my fellow black Africans. The key to prosperity and wealth as a nation is absolute cleanliness, an orderly environment and truth. This is what the Western and Eastern countries know. That for God to pour forth His/Her blessing, those requisites need to be met. He is also Truth. That is why Western and East Asian countries go to great lengths to have immaculate urban settings and infrastructure. That is the key we as Africans have yet to grasp. In the Asian Nations they call Her the Goddess of Wealth & Prosperity and She demands an immaculate environment before She decides to even look at you. The Jews (Christians) call her Alshadai, the breasted one who pours forth blessing. Sorry but sekuru and his little chikwambos he gave you are not going to bless us as a nation; you may however have temporal material riches for you and your family.

    Just take time and thing about the opposite. A rubbish dump scenario, what does it attract – the worst kind and the unimaginable. Now if God is viewing us from up there as a rush dump, why blame Him when he refuses to dwell amongst thieves, liars, schemers, whores, dirt, fifth etc.

    Sometimes the solution is that simple. Lets clean up our act.

  5. Visit http://www.litterpreventionprogram.com and educate in the fight against litter. Read our newsletter every week.

  6. You cannot just be Police for rubbish, what about human litter, that is, sewage freely flowing in the streets which is a much more dangerous hazard yet people are paying sewer charges to councils every month? It’s pointless to window dress when the inside is rotten.

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