Ekhaya releases album in Zim


CANADA-based Zimbabwe reggae musician, Tichaona Ekhaya recently released his latest album Journey To Me which is a call to self-discovery, in Zimbabwe.

Tinashe Sibanda

According to the musician, ekhaya is home, in one’s heart and mind. It is the number one ranked world reggae musical act in Southern Ontario Canada.

Conceived in 2006 by Tichaona, a Zimbabwean singer and song writer, the album features world renowned musicians Gillie Genesis from Jamaica (former Burning Spear band leader) and Kyle Lala from Canada, (a product of centuries of Acardian musicians).

“Reality and conscientiousness are the inspiration behind my music, a drive to teach and be a medium for those too pre occupied to read or ponder the wonders of life or lack thereof makes music worthwhile,” Ekhaya said.

Weaving the sounds of many nations into a musical tapestry, the songs of eKhaya have travelled far and each song tells a story, or wakes a memory and invigorates one’s ears.

“The sound of eKhaya defies an easy label. It is a merging of music genres, rock steady, afro-beat, reggae and sungura. It invites you to get up and move to find your own rhythm and dance.

“The album’s title Journey to Me is simply an invitation to discover eKhaya and a call to self-discovery. It is important to understand the lyrics on this record and all the music eKhaya makes,” he said.
The mood and understanding carried in the music is personal and may touch everyone in their own unique way.

The musician said songs like Vekwedu, Fooling Around and Konke Engilakho could mean different things to different people, yet all correct.

Ekhaya makes feel good and get high on the music and shuck all inhibitions letting the good vibes caress and cascade over you.

“With a warm and engaging presence and a charismatic music style, eKhaya will take you there and bring you home. To keep up with eKhaya follow us on Twitter @eKhayamusic and also find us on Facebook.com/ekhayamusic,” he added.


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