Kenya Westgate mall siege:Kenya forces storm in.


Kenyan security forces appear to have launched an assault on the Westgate shopping complex in the capital Nairobi in an attempt to break the siege there.

Heavy gunfire was heard at the complex and a huge cloud of smoke could be seen billowing from the building.

Sixty-nine people have been killed and more than 170 injured since the attack began in Kenya’s capital on Saturday.

About 10 attackers were thought to be inside. The Somali al-Shabab movement has said carried out the attack.
Report by BBC


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    The sooner we are all on same level playing field the better.

    Jeff Foxworthy on Muslims:

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  2. Respect the religion and the people. Everyone has been ingeniously tricked into fighting in the modern era version of the crusades to advance and protect western interests. Moslems have never attacked anybody’s land or country without provocation and only in retaliation. Regai zvipedzerane. Our freedom fighters were called terrorists theirs are also called terrorists!

  3. Instead of focussing on MDC activists, lets zero on Islamists in Zimbabwe. Monitor all mosques and see what doctrines are being inculcated in the worshippers. Hatidi kuzoyeuka bako mvura yanaya like the Nigerians.

  4. @Farai. Is it not that Al Shabaab attacked Kenya first? Kenya as a soveign nation could not stand akimbo whilst its tourism industry was being destroyed by Al Shabaab!

  5. Somalia has not had a government since the overthrough of Siad Barre in 1986. It’s citizen are scattered all over the world (see movie “Black Hawk Down) A brief period of peace was attained when Al Shabbab took control of Mogadishu. They were overthrown by a combined Ethiopian and Ugandan force supported by Americans operating from Djibouti.

    Mombasa in Kenya is an American navy’s favorite rest, resupply and playground resort in Africa. A legitimate target for Sl Shabbab? Very possible. You can’t continue to destroy a country and scatter it’s people and not expect a pushback. Somalis want their home back, it’s not their destiny to be running tuckshops in South Africa and being targeted by unemployed looters. They can and they will fight back!

  6. @ Farai, there is also a desire by Al Shabab to force Sharia law on not only Somalis by the entire world according to the warnings issued out by its leadership. It’s one thing to fight for freedom but it becomes quite another to force everyone to live by Sharia law. In Zimbabwe we fought for our own freedom and prevailed against Rhodesia while labeled as terrorists by the world yet we did not commit terror acts against defenseless civilians in other countries or at home.

  7. @Scotv, i believe Muslims are the majority in Somalia and if they choose Sharia who is justified to stop them?Muslims want to convert everyone into Islam just as Christians want to convert everyone into Christianity. Where they clash you get the Religious Crusades, that means war, casualties and deaths. Is it justified?

    Innocent civilians bore the major brunt of the fighting during our war of independence. Unfortunately they were the wrong race to warrant media attention. You will only be told of the downing of the Viscount Plane, murder of a handful of white farmers and Native Commissioners to justify labeling us as terrorists. All we wanted was our land back. You have to ask what is going on in East Africa and who stands to benefit most?

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