Hungwe clarifies Psychomotor activities


NEW Minister of State for Liaising on Psychomotor Activities in Education and Vocational Training Josaya Hungwe says his main task will be to integrate primary education and vocational training so that Zimbabwe produces educated and productive personnel.


In an interview at State House before he was sworn in by President Robert Mugabe on Wednesday, Hungwe said he would assess the training needs of pupils from primary education right up to tertiary and vocational training.

“We need to assess the training needs of pupils right from primary level and determine training needs and identify the type of trainers needed to develop the identified skills,” Minister Hungwe said.

When the portfolio was announced on Tuesday, many Zimbabweans expressed ignorance about the existence and functions of such a ministry.

Explaining the functions of the ministry, Hungwe said the psychomotor portfolio would link primary and secondary education to the country’s tertiary and vocational training needs.

The 78-year-old former Masvingo governor and resident minister said he holds several diplomas in education and business and has worked as a schools’ supervisor, manager, inspector and education officer before he joined the private sector where he worked as an executive director for 13 companies including Kadoma Textiles, before he became governor.

People interpreted Mugabe’s decision to create a portfolio for Hungwe as a balancing act in the fractious Masvingo Province after the appointment of Dzikamai Mavhaire as Energy minister.

Mavhaire and Hungwe are believed to be heading rival factions in the province battling to succeed Mugabe.

“It is not a new task for me. I have been in the education sector for a long time,” Hungwe said.

“We will ensure that we fully implement the Nziramasanga Commission recommendations (on education) so that Zimbabwe does not produce only educated, but productive people. Being educated and productive are two different things. People should be able to put to effect what they learn. This is where we come in, to synchronise primary, secondary and vocational training.”


    • Even the die hard ZanuPF supporters are now beginning to wake up to the reality that they have been taken for a ride; this is surely not what they voted for. How on earth can we have a country led by a bunch of senile geriatrics like these? One would logically expect a Ministry of Employment Creation and not this Psychomotor hogwash.

  1. People interpreted Mugabe’s decision to create a portfolio for Hungwe as a balancing act in the fractious Masvingo Province after the appointment of Dzikamai Mavhaire as Energy minister.

    Mr Editor is this a fact or fallacy(Street talk). I never heard Mugabe or ZPF say that.

    • Hlongwane Spinach, did you ever hear Mugabe say he is a murderer and thief? So you honestly believe you will hear him say he created a ministry for Hungwe as a balancing act?

    • What kind of vegetative thinking is this, you spinach? : The writer or editor is saying ‘People interpreted…’ So there is scope for wrong interpretation.

  2. uhm zvakaoma sveshuwa, kutsvagirana mabasa this task does not need a whole ministry to achieve, there will be problems with the ministry of primary and secondary education, ministry of higher education and ministry of this one

    • Kupanana mabasa uku.Imagine we have Ministry of primary & secondary,Ministry of higher & tertiary and this one for Hungwe.

  3. Does this ministry have personnel who work there? If yes then what exactly would they be doing on a daily basis? Is it a ministry whose objectives can last even a year before they are met? Please educate me because I am seeing people who are to be deployed here will be bored for going to the office to do nothing, including the minister himself.

    • You are vely vely right on this one. This ministry is useless. This function should have been created under the ministries of primary & secondary or the higher education.

  4. The honorable minister should consult his dictionary or any physical education text book on the meaning of the word psycho motor. He doesn’t seem to have a clue what it entails. Instead of clarifying he is confusing us.What a pity.

  5. Josiah Hungwe you are now making a fool of yourself. The “Psychomotor” post was just a code by Bob and Emmerson to invite you to the gravy train. Just put your dirty mouth in the feeding trough and remain quiet for the next 5 years!

  6. Yep. If anyone has gone through the Nziramasanga commission report you will see that it makes a lot of sense.

    The fact that Josiah Hungwe intends to revisit it gives a sigh of relief to the effect that at least he is not blank as to the whole task he faces.

    Lets just wait and see… I think its a very good ministry though in my humble opinion I would want to think its a little bit late..

    So big ups to Josiah .

    Ko Mavhaire haasiye mudhara uye akamboti Mugabe chisiya basa kuma 90’s here?

    Ndakambohwa rimwe gore achinzi pasi naye. Ko adzokazve?

  7. Zvipi sekuru vudzai vanhu kuti you are reintroducing F2 system ya Smith where academically handcapped pupils would be developed for a better future through learning practical subjects like capentry, farming etc. Zvakanga zvisingagozhi zvekuti chero dofo raitowanavo diploma raro. Ndosaka avo akawanda, ndokwavaidzidza. kkkkkkkkkkkkk!

  8. Pschomotor nenyaya dzotaugwa naHungwe hazvipindirani. ZveVocational izvo is afterthought. Its not even on the title and is not linked to Primary education but tertiary. The truth is its a job for the boy. Tinyararigwei vanaHungwe. Idyai munyerere. Unoto zvePsychomotor issue zvingaitwa nemadhara akaita semi matoitawo lose your psychomotor controls? Chingopindai muchidyiro moti mwiro modya makanyarara sembavha yapinda uchitoro ene zhara!

  9. The real question is, what was Mugabe doing in the past 33 years if he didn’t manage to do the things that this 78 year old says he wants to do? This is basic stuff done by every education ministry on the planet.

  10. Muhurumende hamuzare makangofanana nemubhawa. I think this is the stupidest most useless portfolio on the planet. This is exactly the kind of thinking which makes the future under Zanu uncertain. Its a club of thieves and Hungwe is indispensable as a member.

  11. Being educated and productive are two different things. People should be able to put to effect what they learn……………..This is the genesis of zimbabwe’s problems at the highest level. Over ten degrees but no production for 33years.

  12. from what this guy is saying,i can conclude that we do not need his ministry.the two ministers of education and higher education can just set up a short meeting where they just try to link primary school programs with vocational qualifications so we end up with job ready candidates.Moreover someone who is 78 and should be in retirement shouldnt be tasked with such an activity.My daughter wants to study Medical Biochemistry at Uni.So what can a 78 year old harahwa tell her about that line of career.Mugabe anonzwisa tsitsi varume.No wonder asinganyare kuita inonzi monumental theft of elections.I thought Mugabe is a christian who understands the basic commandment of God that “thou shall not steal”.Stealing comes in various forms”corruption,perjury,falsification,deceit,favouritism etc”.Which one of these forms can Mugabe be exonerated from?.absolutely none.Mugabe ihuni dzemugehena

  13. kkkkk i love that pic yaHungwe iyoo Mr Editor apoo maziva..kuita kunge iye ndiye ndiye Psychomotor wacho kkkkk pwaaaaa!

  14. Ndosaka isu takasiyana nemi….coz muri madoforo anopfuura nyika inonzi Botswana…chaiyo…..mafumura nyika

  15. Its all rubbish zvipi zvamunotiudza vahungwe muchatikanganisira vana vedu. Saka muchange muchishanda naniko nhai cde hungwe. Hapana ministry apa kunanzvisana cake chete ruzhinji rwezimbabwe rwuchidya nhoko dzezvironda. I was expecting meaningful ministries plus action and development oriented ministers but its dead wood

  16. I have learnt not to criticize Zanu pf because they have practical ways of winning elections, they have taken over 2/3 of the constituencies. I hope they learn from previous mistakes and do a better job and develop Zim’s economy, infrastructure & human resources.

    MDC can go and hang. They can’t even stop Zanu frm stealing elections (as they say), how do they hope to run th country?

  17. Chasura idyai mari munyerere. Zvomoda kutiudza pano nepano maakutiratidza kusaziva kwenyu uye kwemunhu akakupai chigaro. Zvaonekwa Chasura! Mazvita Hungwe; Matapatira; Zienda nomudenga; Pasi yakatyendove… Vedotojena!

  18. Sekuru Vuvhavha mazopinda penyu chaipo. Make sure that we dont have for example Engineers who are paid for just having those so called degrees. Dai mukatanga nokuno kuNRZ. Ndatenda hangu ndini Chivurukute wokwaChivi.

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