Govt urged to prioritise non-communicable diseases


BIKITA West MP Munyaradzi Kereke yesterday accused government of condemning millions of poor people to death by prioritising communicable diseases such as HIV, while turning a blind eye to deadly non-communicable diseases like cancer.


Kereke, who won the seat as a Zanu PF candidate after he was expelled for disobeying a party directive to step down to give way to the preferred candidate Elias Musakwa, said the government lacked a clear response mechanism to non-communicable diseases.

“Government is giving a blind eye to non-communicable diseases such as cancer, kidney problems and heart problems, yet they are the most deadly,” Kereke said. “There is no institutional framework in government to respond to cases such as cancer. For diseases such as kidney problems, it’s either you are rich or you are condemned to death.”

Kereke made the remarks in Parliament while supporting a motion by MDC-T non-constituency MP Ruth Labode on the need for Parliament to probe the State of the country’s health sector. He said it was feasible for government to revamp and establish 1 000 new health centres throughout the country if the money raised by the National Social Security Authority was channelled towards provision of social services.

Southerton MP Gift Chimanikire (MDC-T) said the state of the country’s health system was deplorable and needed urgent attention. He said that was why President Robert Mugabe and some top officials in government were flying out to get medical treatment.

Zanu PF MPs, however, blamed sanctions for contributing to the decay in the health sector.

Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba (Zanu PF) urged parliamentarians to be mature and avoid being partisan while debating issues.

“We should be united and articulate issues that affect our people as parliamentarians. We should all unite and call for the removal of sanctions for the good of the people,” Chinotimba said.


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  1. the fault lies with ignorant officials who participated in this emergency debate at the UN two years ago yet no attention is paid to it despite that isu vakuruvakuru tapera kuita murakatira on scale unprecedented.

  2. I don’t support ZANUpf but i think i am beginning to like Chinotimba’s reasoning. Its not about which party did what its about what can we do to correct the failing Health Care simple as that. We are one people for Christ sake. Let’s put our heads together and build this country. We are only good at going around saying we are the most educated in Africa yet we dont put that education to good use for the development of our country.

  3. so kereke still remains a free man after raping that 11 year old gal. surely the justice system is corrupt in this country. the dierest poor are rotting in jail simply bcoz they dnt have lawyers to represent them for petty crimes like stealing a bag of maize, cellphones and livestock whilst the noveou rich like kereke with real rape crimes are living lavishly as free man. apa haabhadhari futi.

  4. why cant the most educated ones use their brains and show the world what they claim to be, Now they are joining us in the exodus sebengama refugees, kkkkkk crossing limpompo river they start changing their names hehehehekkkkkk, united in experiencing how it feels like to stay where you not wanted where you are most hated, then, we will build this Zimbo country. Sunctions yee sunctions bullshit.

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