Accusations, counter accusations fly in Wendall trial


THE police officer who prepared the police report on the accident involving former Big Brother Africa winner Wendall Parson’s brother, William, made a wrong date entry because he was overworked, Harare magistrate Elijah Makomo heard yesterday.


Wendall and William are on trial for fraud involving $23 000 after allegedly attempting to defraud Alliance Insurance Brokers (Pvt) Ltd.

AK Insurance Brokers director Amer Khan, whose company brokered the insurance deal between   Wendall and Alliance, told the court that the error on the accident date was attributed to the police.

“Alliance wanted to investigate the matter further. We asked them to clarify the date on the police report and they did. A police officer did an affidavit explaining that he had made an error on the date.

There was a mix-up of accident reports, but he rectified the error. He said ‘I was overworked so I made an error’,” Khan told the court.

Khan said an official from Alliance Insurance, identified only as Jasper, approached them and informed them that the authenticity of the police report was being investigated because it was dated incorrectly.

The trial, however, was bogged down by accusations and counter-accusations between prosecutor Constance Ngombengombe and defence lawyer Harrison Nkomo, who accused each other of producing documents that were not before the court.

While leading evidence from  Khan, Ngombengombe produced a cover note inviting objections from Nkomo, who told the court the defence was never provided with that cover note and other State papers.
The objection was, however, overruled.

Ngombengombe then produced another set of cover notes once again drawing Nkomo’s objection.

He argued he was never given the cover notes and the ones in court where not original copies.

“We are being pulled back on progress today because of these issues. When documents are photocopied they are supposed to be certified, it’s a hard and fast rule,” magistrate Makomo said.

“State, you should not take things for granted anticipating that the defence will not object,” he said.

The trial was postponed to October 2.


  1. Leave Wendell alone u insurance companies are scumbags especially Teddy Nyamurera u want to steal alliance insurance from the owners hiding with the fact that u are black and indigenisation
    U r such a looser our president defies such behavior we know what is going on and u are being watched, u have introduced these silly investigations in ure company just not to honor legit claims
    We are watching u mr Teddy soon it will be u in court be warned and leave Wendell alone..

    • Taura nyaya yako mhani watching watching chii chacho Iwewe ndiwe uchasungwa why are you threatening people and why would an insurance coy single out Wendall yet others are being paid compensation. Usada kunyepera kungwara let the courts decide.

    • Wow, so it might be that Wendall is innocent. This is just insane. If it’s true, and it was just an error on the side of the police, then what is happening to Alliance insurance that they’re taking an innocent person to court?

  2. If a film maker was following this saga, they could have got a box office hit. Can Tsitsi Dangarembga or Marian Kunonga come up with a script from this please?

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