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Teenager boyfriend-seeker gang-raped

A NORTON teenager’s search for her boyfriend ended in horror after she was allegedly kidnapped and gang–raped by three men.

A NORTON teenager’s search for her boyfriend ended in horror after she was allegedly kidnapped and gang–raped by three men.


The men — Knowledge Mpame (28), Lloyd Sibanda (22) and Foxen Mukozho (29) — will stand trial before Harare regional magistrate Temba Kuwanda on August 29 for contravening the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act.

The State, represented by Rufaro Mhandu, is alleging that the three kidnapped and raped the 14–year–old girl. That was after Mpame, a general labourer at Galloway Farm, had lied that he was able to show her where her boyfriend, identified as Miros, stayed.

It is alleged that on September 25, the complainant was accompanied by one Admire Mhiripiri to Hunyani Boating Club at Lake Manyame in Norton where she intended to see her boyfriend. Upon arrival, the complainant found Mpame and Sibanda working in the fields before the former offered to assist.

Mpame then lied that he stayed at the same place with Miros and asked the complainant to wait for him. The complainant, together with Mhiripiri, waited on the veranda while Mpame went back to work.

He is alleged to have returned 15 minutes later and told Mhiripiri to leave because his employer did not like male visitors. Mhiripiri then gave Mpame his contact details before leaving. The accused afterwards instructed the complainant to wait in his room before returning to the fields.

About 40 minutes later, the State alleged, Mpame returned and told the complainant that it would be of no use to scream since the house was located far away from the other houses. He then forcibly stripped her of her undergarments and raped her. When he was through, he is alleged to have locked up the room and left.

About 10 minutes later, Sibanda arrived and allegedly raped the complainant before locking her up and leaving.

Later the same day, at around 5pm, Mukozho, who is a security guard, came into the room and allegedly told the complainant that he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her while pushing her down onto the blankets. Although the complainant tried to resist, according to the State, she was overpowered and raped again.

Mukozho also locked the door afterwards before leaving.

The following day, Mpame instructed Mhiripiri to come and collect the complainant. When the complainant got home, she told her parents what had happened. A police report was made leading to the arrest of the accused persons.