Tsvangirai to lead coalition

PRIME Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was yesterday unveiled as the leader of a three-party “Coalition for Change” involving his MDC-T, Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD) and Zanu Ndonga amid reports that the MDC-T leader was still courting Welshman Ncube’s MDC to his camp ahead of the July 31 harmonised polls.


Announcing the coalition yesterday, MKD leader Simba Makoni said they remained open to a possible eleventh hour pact with Ncube and Zapu leader Dumiso Dabengwa, who last week announced a surprise pact between their parties.

Tsvangirai is believed to have dangled theVice-Presidency to Ncube in a bid to have all parties opposed to President Robert Mugabe to rally behind him.

“The MDC-T, MKD and Zanu Ndonga have today (yesterday) agreed to enter into a Coalition for Change in order to offer solutions to the problems facing the country,” Makoni said.

At the meeting, the MDC-T was represented by Tsvangirai while Zanu Ndonga was represented by its leader Reketayi Semwayo.

“The coming-together of these parties was necessitated by the shared commitment to bring to an end the current hardships confronting Zimbabweans, due to the failed policies of the past. The engagement process was between five political parties and Ncube himself,” Makoni added.

“The leaders of the five political parties have been in consultation since the time we issued a joint statement co-signed by the five leaders. The reality is that the five parties have been in consultation for the past two-and-a-half months.

“We have continued to discuss not only the Constitutional Court ruling and the Sadc Extraordinary summit, but we were hoping to be five at this table today and this is why we conclude this statement by maintaining our willingness and readiness to work with others, including Professor Welshman Ncube.”

Makoni said the parties were now negotiating horse-trading some of their parliamentary and council election slots as part of the deal. The MKD leader is contesting the Makoni Central seat on behalf of his party.

He said the aim of the coalition was to support each other in National Assembly and local authority elections, and constitute a “genuine government of national unity after winning the elections”.

“In implementing the above transformation agenda, the parties resolved that they would constitute a lean and competent executive team of not more than 25 Cabinet ministers, including the Presidency. The new government will immediately restore broken relationships regionally and internationally, ensuring that Zimbabwe is a respectable and respected member of the family of nations and end the current isolation of the country caused by poor governance and State-sponsored human rights abuses,” Makoni said.

MDC sources said the MDC-T had offered Ncube the second vice-presidency under a five-party grand coalition.

“They (MDC-T) offered us the second vice-presidency, positions in provincial government, the Speaker of Parliament post as well as a few unnamed Cabinet posts,” one of the sources said.

MDC-T secretary for international relations Jameson Timba yesterday said his party would field candidates in all constituencies, but would support the candidatures of Makoni and Semwayo in Makoni Central and Chipinge Central respectively.

“Basically the MDC-T has fielded candidates in all 210 constituencies, but I can tell you that we will be supporting the candidature of Makoni in Makoni Central and Semwayo in Chipinge Central. I am unable to say off-hand how we will support other MKD candidates in other constituencies as the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is yet to release names of those who went through the Nomination Court.

“It is only after winning the elections that we will announce Makoni’s position in government and how we will allocate the 25 Cabinet posts to the three parties in the coalition,” Timba said.

Turning to threats by Mugabe to pull out of Sadc, Makoni said: “Mugabe pulled Zimbabwe out of the Commonwealth, made a unilateral proclamation of the election date and unilaterally amended electoral laws and that is why it is important for Zimbabweans to determine their destiny and vote for change of power so that there are no more leaders who change things unilaterally.”

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  1. Could this be the rise of Manicaland? All the three leaders hail from Manicaland. Is it by coincidence or by design?


      1. Impicababhali Bezolo

        Really? Does a power-hungry person stand aside and let others take positions for which they qualify? I thought a power-hungry person is the one that amends a constitution of their Party to remain relevant!!! I thought power-hungry people were those who cause splinter-parties on flimpsy excuses like Boycotting ‘Senatorial Elections’ and go on to participate in those!!! Thought Power-hungry people avoid having powerful deputies and surround themselves with non-competent and non-threatening poor souls to remain relevant!!! INFACT How do power-hungry people behave!!! Dlan’ amathamb’ engqondo!!!!

  2. Tendai Chaminuka

    Offer Ncube the First Vice Presidency not zveregionalism zvamuri kuda kuita.ZANU lost the Southern votes nenyaya yepride yamakuda kuita.Simba should be a better advisor cause he was in the mud.VaMakoni working tirelessly even vasati vapiwa chigaro.That is a great leadership quality.Biti must be green.ZANU’s third option

    1. What regionalism? He lost Mokokoba to Thokozani Khupe fair and square. On what basis shud he get the vice presidency? He ended up expelling all the MPs who had won seats under his MDC and by the end of the GNU his party didnt have any parliamentary representation.

  3. Well if all three were from Matebeleland it would called tribalism .

    Hello !

    1. Limqotho baba kalivikwa. Yinhlamba esihlala sichatshwa ngayo leyo.

  4. This is a GNU replacing another one. Will this one work? Soyicela isivuthiwe

  5. may the Lord bless Zimbabwe

    1. Well done the leaders of MDC, Mavambo & Zanu Ndonga. We look forward for Ncube & Dabengwa to do the same – Just for the pple of Zimbabwe. make these pple happy dont be selfish

  6. muzukuru ndaneta

    I was always against ncube bt now I understand, second vice president offer. Jst imagine. I say to ncube its better to make a pact with zanu pf. U will b t first vice president I don’t doubt tht. No leader has people at heart , if its t curse MDc t would not hav such corrupt councilors. The bst minister from gnu ws colthart from Ncube so tht shows quality in ya part

    1. I agree that Coltart was the best minister – hardworking, determined and not an aota of greed. Turned down the mercedece benz. The difference between Coltart and Ncube is Coltart was a senator because he won an election. Are you suggesting Ncube should be made the first vice president because of Coltart and not on his own merit?

  7. coltart best what.recently he went to korea in search of six teachers of maths.such stupidity gross incompetence

    1. Tendai Chaminuka

      In terms of being people oriented,Coltart comes out as the best Minister.He had an open door policy yekuti even ini housemaid could book a meeting with him and he could spent his time listening to your views.The only problem was that he delegated to his subordinates and these subordinates vanogarira basa manje.

  8. Silvester Matambo

    History repeats itself: in 1978 it was “puppet show in Salisbury” Chirau,Muzorewa and Sithole. Now it has happened again with the same culprits all coming from Manicaland! Pathetic!

  9. Good day people of Zimbabwe.siyacela ngomusa nangothando kubaholi bethu ukuthi babambane,ngoba lendlela abafuna ukukwenza ngayo ukuthi badonselane thina sihlupheka since 1980,sitshaywa sihlukunyezwa sibulawa sicindezelwa,sikhathele madoda yikuhlutshwa azweni lakithi,ayiphume iZanu yehlulekile,iyasihlukumelza kakhulu siyacela kunkulunkulu ukuthi asivikele enkingeni zethu

  10. Silvester Matambo

    Fellow Zimbabweans lets just forget about these last minute fly by night coalitions. They are the hand of oppotunistic and desperate politicians out to hoodwink us. Just go out in numbers and vote for experience and stability in Zanu Pf.

    1. Fox Makwiravana

      @ Sylvester Matambo,Desperate politics dzinowanikwa kuZANU_PF yakauraya vanhu payakadyiwa election 2008.After that it rushed for talks kuti paitwe GNU,now yaswaradza yave kuti GNU haiiti,memories can be so short. Now izvozvi yarova fast track yekubuda basa.Best Before 31 July 2013.

  11. Tsvangirai and Makoni had a deal dating back to 2008,but people did not notice it.They were just blind. Tsvangirai knew that if Makoni pulls out of Zanu Pf,he would take a certain percentage to dislodge Zanu Pf.But people thought he had done it for Zanu.
    This thing was well planned from before. Go and check for his rallies in Bulawayo,Makoni started talking about the Grand Coalition last year.
    Anyway its a good thing they have come together kuti nyika ifambe.
    VaTsvangirai,VaMakoni nemi VaSemwayo basa ngarifambire mberi.


    1. Please school me a bit, how will this grand coalition help the people of Zimbabwe. Sure vanhu vakatadza ku runner macouncils ndovangazogona kurunner nyika. Fours years no mvura, no garbage collection, load shedding, maziPOT HOLES hee hanzi magood friends achandipa mari kovakadini kukupa in the past four years handiti maidero makabuda shaini kana maelections iri walk over pasikana kanazvima coalitions zvekanzatu kanzatu izvi.

      1. Nhai iwe Madhawu, ko Mugabe ari kuisepi mari yemadiamonds? Name one institution that Mugabe properly funded in 33 yrs. He couldnt even maintain those inherited from Ian Smith. Basa nderekungodva mari dzedu achirapwa kuMalaysia. Ake mahospitari anoazezei? Pane hudofo hunopfuura ihwohwo?

    2. Fox Makwiravana

      @ Crispen,you can’t be more right.

  13. admire musingarabwi

    How is this coalition going to work when their candidates are going to compete against each other??? No wonder Mugabe wanted early elections before these fools manage to organize themselves!!! All politicians are power hungry after all….

    1. @Admire Musingarabwi
      Your common sense sometimes measures up to the length of your size nieneteen feet mfanami. The problem is not just this organising of a number of fools. Its the prospect of being led by one fool who doesn’t even have 5 o’levels in one piece. Cabanga wena Admire, neCIS yako iye (zviya wakazopasa here Information Tokonoroji dze part A dzaikutosvoro vadhara dziye?) wobva watungamirwa nedamba zvaro risina revhoro O dzakakwana? Zvochemedza izvozvo amana. Mariro umwe wangu.
      A shame and a half!

      1. Fox Makwiravana

        @ Shame.Bobo with 6 degrees destroyed this country,the only qualification needed to be President is to be 40years old.Chausina iwe icommon sense,wakaona kupi degree rekuita president.

        1. @Fox Makwiravana

          Even if you can’t read and write you can become president by reason of being just 40 and above? Makwiravana uri Nonsense sezita rako! Rubengura was 40yrs+ and could not read and write. What did he do? Did he not sign a treaty that sold the country for just one satchet of sugar and a rocking chair? Akasiyana chii na MRT? Hanti achangosaina ma X pese pese? Tipeiwo zvimwe zviri nani. Kutungamira nyika is not like leading a Mafia outfit where the most ferocious skullbasher takes the helm. This is a country with the highest literacy rate in Africa the sake of Jesu Kristu. Why then should a danderhead cut his tunnel out of the rubble of illiterates to take the driver’s seat? Unotiendesa kupi munhu akadero?
          Pafungeiwo vaMakwiravana. Kana iro zita renyu rinyatsori right-right here or same fanana nenyaya yatiri kutaURA IYI?
          Zvinyadzi nechidimbu!

        2. Shame on you Shame! Mugabe has surrendered Zimbabwean resourses and sovereignty to the Chinese. Vanoita zvavanoda muno including destroying our environment. Mugabe was not even ashamed to uproot trees planted by African leaders who included Julius Nyerere in the early 80s so the the Chinese could build a hotel on one of Harare’s wetlands. Saka nechikoro chake haatozivi the value of wetlands. That explains why on his watch Zim’s economy shrank by more than 40% in 10 years. Name one president the world over who is as incompetent as Mugabe. Chinongogonekwa kutaura chirungu chete while Zim kids die of medieval diseases and our youths sell zhing zhong on the streets for a living.

  14. openly speaking ncube u r tribalistic, u dont want zimbabweans to enjoy better life.i want to tell u that you wont get any seat in matebeleland and it will make you to regret. we now think otherwise about you. it is better for you to patriotic with zimbabweans and not to persue your selfish personal interest like muzorewa.zimbabweans are no longer divided along tribal grounds,they are learned people.

  15. Well! Well! Look, what do the political leaders think they are doing? Coalitions at this stage are uncalled for! Some games being played at the very top of large and non existent parties designed, perhaps, for some remote personal survival? Just as the current thugs and thieves handling our minerals and land are busy stashing millions in the cellars of their hidden lodges, or in foreign accounts with some foreign “vakwasha”, so these so called coalitions are zones to sneak into leadership positions, on the backs of the citizens. If it was not for rigging and outright vandalism of people’s votes in March 2012, who is Dabengwa, Ncube, Semwayo, Simba Makoni? VaTsvangirai svinurai musatya. Why are you doubting that the electorate will give mdct a resounding victory now? Rather make a pact with the people. Do not look for supporters outside. They are inside, remember. Hezekiah, Judah, and Jerusalem fell to Babylon when leaders sort the so called outside allies. MDCT victory is in the hands of most Zimbabwe not in those opportunistic menial leaders. No! Let them sweat it out alone. If it means they gain a seat here or there so be it. Please do not trade our council, parliamentary, senatorial, and presidential seats with people who can turn anytime with the winds of their former parties or with the offer of a few million dollars from crooks.

  16. zimbabweans hv suffered enough.we a now getting in2 a NEW ZIMBABWE indd.Ncube its beta 4u 2 join others cz u hv got no support @all.wk up plz

  17. Nhuwe nelchart

    How many times shall we plead with ncube begging him 2 form a coalition with tswangirai inorder 2 dislorge mugabe.please proffesor ncube just do it for the good of ur country.can’t yu see that if yu stand as mdc n ‘s president in this coming election yu are going 2 help mugabe into winning the elections by means of vote spliting.mr ncube reconsider yo actions please join tswangi,makoni and semwayo.stop being a regional leader be a national leader.i beg all political parties 2 put aside tribalism and persornal hatrage and be united against ur long time oppressors in the name of zanu

    1. Guys, I have said it before and I will continue to say it, Ncube and Tsvangirai will never unite again. They are still fighting their 2005 war and none of them is willing to surrender. They have the same mission, that is, pulling each other down.

  18. Famba tsvangirai tiende

    Grt thinkers indeed….forget about ncube he z jus power hungry

  19. Lennety kachembo

    We can save our self by means of prayers and dedication ,we cant continue on pointing fingers each other ,this county needs annointing and devine intervention.all wat we want is peace .no to war and bloodshed ngiyabonga em not a politician

  20. Thank you MDC-T;MKD;Zanu Ndonga,coalition is one best move.Please talk to Ncube.Knock some senses into his head.Never should Zpf be allowed at this moment in time to an administration in this country.I will happily vote for change,and many of my friends too like what you have promised us Zimbabweans.Chidyausiku mudenga!!Hezvoko!! Dziii

  21. chero mukadii murivashoma.seenzerai vanhu mugovhotegwa zvino imwi moita vanhu vekubaya muchimitisira kure moda futi kuvhotegwa haaaa zvoitavo here?


  23. Surely, what’s GRAND about the other two long-forgotten individuals? Sabhuku nemachinda mairi havangabvise Mambo. Bvunzai Chigwedere!

  24. Ko ma reforms ave papi nhai Morgan? Ko zvazvainzi “no reforms, no elections” tave papi? Handisikuona chachinja kubva kumheremhere ya 2008.

  25. Mthakazi pple ar isolating thmselvz musazochemera Tsvangirai aapresident bcz he z th only hpe of th nation. Anebhora ndiye anomakwa uchida usingadi save panyanga.

  26. Mafira kureva,Ncube is a slfish leader who dsnt consider the plea of Zimbabwens.This opportunity to form a coalition especialy n tymz like this comes once n a lifetym


  27. ncube is mentally challenged.on suturday he addressed a rally of 39 people in matland.haunyare here nhai ncube.cant u c TSVANGSON has got all e zimbabweans and the world at heart.wy a u fooling yoself.several zanu pf bigwigs are secretely supportng TSVANGSON.truly after 31 july u wilb POLITICALLY HOMELLESS.pfutseki mhani wk up

  28. Siyanai naWelshman Tsoko. Kana muchida coalition form your own parties and join each other. Ncube formed his own and has the constiutional right to join whoever he wants and to tell some of these idiots to go hang. How can a professor hand over reign to an illiterate Vandal? Heh, How? Ncube has his educational reputation to protect, so save him God!Ncube ane makwafikesheni. Vamwe havana. Makamboplaza madhongi nemombe mukaita anza imwechete? Zvobatana izvozvo? Regai Mbongoro dzisina data dzibatane maoko. Siyayi professor vakadero.

  29. muzukuru ndaneta

    No I have once stayed in bulawayo I know the two MDCs comparing their leadership calibre MDCn has got far much better people thn MDC T in matebeleland. Those guys from MDC t won those seats by luck even t winning margin ws so small, wait for t elections u will see.

  30. akagadzira chitima akafundira kupi?ndege?motorcar?spacecraft?chikoro chino trainer mapresident chinonzii.mugabe akange aringori an ordinary school teacher,like my father aine standard six.madegree ake mahonourary.only wisdom and great cunning are ingridients of being a leader.

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  32. makatadza kumaintainer the city of Her maitora kubva kuZpf now mochemera kuva vatongi venyika yose. mugabe haana kukundika kutonga nyika tsvangirai ndiwe wakauya nematsvanctions, ma demonstrations, strikes, stayawayz industry ikaparara van hu baka shaiwa ma asa since pakanga pasisina attraction kumainvesters Zvakapa kuty economy kite meltdwn kuty ubvise mugabe wakabatana nevarungu linda mudzimba uone uchavhoterwa nembwa. bat ai mashoko aya.

  33. We just wait to hear from those who are good at dividing people what excuse they will give when others are calling them to come and kill the snake in our yard of Africa called Zimbabwe.


  35. If ncube has no support why worry about him. My vote is secret tshiyanani loncube lina zinja sadubeka ngani?. Tsvangirai caused all this suffering there were no potholes before 1999, there was zim$ bf mdc was formed and who do you think you are fooling. Ngokwenu okwama coalition thina asikusebenzi. Ncube just showed ukuthi he goes with qaulity look and coltart compare with your fat dog biti. Kurapwa kuMalaysia kunoita mari, nhai kungatora madiamonds ese. Saka muchinzi murimadandaheads.

  36. The next thing matoyi toyi asingapere mumastreet. Taneta nemwi vanhu vekumanicaland from ndabaningi, tekere, makoni now is u tsvangirai nxa! murimatribalist. Wake up harare, wake up Zimbabwe. Your Vote is ur secret

  37. guys let tsvangson a chance,dat man is brave akarohwa and totured by bob for the betterment of zimbabweans.if he fails we will remove him.ivo vakadzidza ndivo vatisingadi coz vatidya nebhiro

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