Some teens ignorant of Aids danger

IT may not be the most popular subject, but the fact is that teens are still at risk of contracting the deadly HIV and Aids disease.

Winstone Antonio

Now the question will be: Are teens showing ignorant of this deadly disease?

For some teens that are fairly informed, it may seem common knowledge that Aids is ravaging, but for some across the country, this isn’t the case.

Research has shown that HIV and Aids is now common among youths, including those of secondary school going age.

While a lot has been done to educate the public on the dangers of the infections, prevention programmes used to instruct and inform the teens are still greatly needed so as to changes in their sexual behaviour.

Children are taught of HIV and Aids from primary school. Learning material on the disease has been put in print and electronic media, on catchy pamphlets and videos.

Drama groups have also visited schools in an attempt to conscientise teens.

The Ministry of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture in conjunction with Unicef in 2006 initiated an in-service training scheme of primary and secondary school teachers in HIV and Aids life-skills and counselling so as to teach teenagers in schools around Zimbabwe about the deadly disease.

With research showing that around half of the people living with virus in Zimbabwe become infected during adolescence or young adulthood, many are left to conclude that the teens are showing ignorance from the safe sex education being imparted in them.

A closer look at the number of school dropouts due to early pregnancy and reports signifying that the proportion of young women with multiple sexual partners has increased recently, suggesting that the teachings of safer sex practices among teenagers is yielding little results.

This has prompted the society to suggest that the National Aids Council and other alike organisations distribute condoms in schools as a way of trying to reduce the spread of pandemic among the youth.

Many a people would even argue that it would not be the panacea to the problem, saying that schooling is not meant for that.
Dishing condoms in schools is like condoning the bad behaviour which needs to be corrected rather than aided.

Could it be that the message is not clear and tailor-made for the intended audience when it comes to sexual issues and HIV among teens?
Teens must not sacrifice their entire future because of a few moments of excitement.

Such behaviour has seen many parents being labelled as failures when it comes to educate their kids on our social norms, beliefs, cultural and traditional values as Zimbabwean.

With all these dramas happening among the teens, it would be prudent that today’s youth be able to stand tall and firm, proclaiming proudly that they are the future leaders of Zimbabwe.

Parents who spoke to NewsDay expressed concern about the rate at which teens are contracting the disease and dying at the same time.
The majority of the parents suggested that having open discussions on issues pertaining to sexual rights and behaviour of children is of paramount importance if the society is to try and save them.

“The youths’ behaviour is a huge challenge the society should deal with nowadays, especially with HIV and Aids and other socio-health consequences. We have to break cross-cultural issues that make it taboo for parents to discuss such issues with their children,” Kebby Dutiro of Hatfield argued.

Nelvine Katsoka of Chitungwiza had this to say: “Gone are the days when people would say there are aunties or uncles to discuss such issues with children. These days, even mothers and fathers should be able to discuss these issues with their children and advise them about sexual behaviour and some of the dangers that are there. If we do not discuss these subjects with them we are making them vulnerable.”

From the looks of things, there is no doubt that a larger number of teens are not worried or even bothered by HIV and Aids issues.
This fact alone should inform the everyone that educational outreach programmes in schools, neighbourhoods and communities are of importance.

While it is important to educate teens on the risk factors and behaviour’s attributed to infection, they should also understand that nothing is 100% effective except for abstinence.

It is an effective way and actually would be the best solution.

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  1. vanemari vkuvadza vana mazipolition aya zvikara chazvo

    1. How the HIV infects, multiply in the human body, and disempowers the human immune system is still not clear to a significant proportion of the sexually active group of the population. This is primarily because the science behind (DNA, RNA, Retroviruses, etc.) is hard and complicated, and is only palatable to those at undergraduate natural sciences and life sciences levels.

      The scientific jargon has to be simplified (even translated to indigenous languages) to make it easy especially for the teens thereby making HIV an understandable threat. Anyone with the knowledge of transmission of HIV is really empowered – Let us empower the youth.

      All the methods we are using against this scourge are compromised if there is lack of adequate explanations. The teens have questions: Why abstinence? Why condoms? Why circumcision? Why ARVs? Why austerity?

    2. Amongst the youth and adults in Zimbabwe, the high rate of HIV seems to be caused by: 1) Multiple sexual partners 2) Poor hygiene 3) Not using or not properly using a condom.

  2. Another way for teens to see and believe that aids is ther I think they must be given time to visit places wher hiv n aids infected n sick people live,so they can see how effective it is!

    1. Its true i tink vakaona zvinoita chirwere ichi vangavhunduke

  3. Nyaya iyi inorwadza nekuti nyaya ye hiv free generation hakuchina vabereki havasi kutaura nevana vavo kuti vavaudze zviirikunze uku ministry of health ngaiendese wo vezve utano kuzvikoro vadzidzise vana ava

    1. Yah. These days Big Brother Africa is their best source of inspiration

  4. Another issue yemateenagers aneHiv inyaya ye mother to child transmission by da time they were born interventions were not there no nevirapine for mother and baby maarvs aive ari ane vane mari iyezvino zvavekukonzera kutiva spread virus coz they just luk healthy zvikomana zvoti ndaiwana virgin asi yagara yazvarwa iripositive virgin iyoyo and kudara kwaive nebelief yekuti havasviki 5yrs iyezvino varikutest @ 17 yrs chobatwa ararama makore ose aya saka vamwe mainnocent victims

  5. Kuti dambudziko ripere kutodealer navanakomana vedu,kutomuudza kuti condom rinopfekwa & man lets cooperate with our wifes & nurses to promote PMTCT programme.

  6. “We hope we have made clear the distincition between the alcoholic and the non-alcoholic. If , when you HONESTLY want to, you find you cannot quit entirely, or if when drinking, you have little control over the amount you take, you arer probably alcoholic. If that be the case, you may be suffering from an illness which only a spiritual experience will conquer. To one who feels he is an atheist or agnostic such an experience seems impossible, but to continue as he is means disastert, especially if he is an alcoholic of the hopeless variety. To be doomed to an alcoholic death or to live on a spiritualk basis are not always easy alternatives to face. But it isnt so difficult. About half our original fellowship were of exactly that type…”We Agnostics, Chapter 4 AA Big Book. If one is un able or unwilling to arrest their alcoholism it leads to Aids via recklesness. Vanoiziva here alcoholism yacho first nekuti ndiko kunobva zvivindi zvebenzi kazhinji

  7. Nene i agree w u, such issues hv bn debated countles times in SA, man i tel u vamwe ma innocent victims bt they wl b on ARVs n wel aware of their status. Saka we cn argue al we like bt whats e point ndiani asingazive kuti nyoka inoruma, so u hv 2 kip telin people daily abt ths pandemic which hs killed our sons n daughters thru out e world. I advocate 4 e distribution of condoms in schools tht way i blv tht teen sex activities wl increase,yes, due to e nid for children who wld want to experimenting w these condoms n at e end of e day it might protect our children, probably ths wl teach them a habit of no sex without a condom, so if al options hv faild why nt gv ths one a try…!

  8. We can give this kids condoms at skool but 1 in 10 wil use it n mayb in a wrong way that it can burst futi.The best way is to tell them to abstain chete.Sex comes with a lot of responcebilty its not jus 4 fun.

    1. I agree with you scott, I see you are back! Mirroring the real scott!

  9. vana nangapona sei iwo mazidhara edu aakugarira vaakazvara, ungadzidzise sei mwana wako iwe uchiuraya mwana weumwe panext do, vamwe vabereki kurai first mhani

  10. Zvakutoda the Almighty, he z the only solution to ths Aids problem. The Hiv mottos we were taught at primary levels should be put to use ‘no sex be4 marriage and after marriage stick to one faithful partner’…. But clearly youth get carried away in little moments. I strongly hope someday we youths will strongly undrstand how eroding ths virus z.

  11. The advent of technological products especially the Internet and tv have resulted in image consumption or the simulacra concept which is deteriorating the expected standards of behaviour in our society. However, it is imperative for HiV and AIDS to be mainstreamed in the education system as a subject of study that should be taken serious such that these teens really understand the crux of the matter and its severity.

  12. Nyaya dzamurikukurukura hadzina kumboshata the only point Im trying to put across is zvese izvozvo munhu anozvinzwisisa akatozvifundisa vamwe arisober but akadhakwa zvino shaya basa. Im talking from experience kwete zvekungohwavo. Saka to be comfortable in a permanent sober state of mind {one day @ a time} and to be content with that first {if your alcopholic whether unezvinhu zvako kanakuti hauna ndikokuti zvimwe zvese zvifambe. I hope you not missing the point


    If they (teens) are reluctant to take the heed to abstain leave them, but when they get HIV and AIDS give them the tools to dig their own graves. Dont waste energy and time excavating graves for them.

  14. @ Willard,Thats true and 90% of those who drink are alcoholic

  15. So its difficult to hold free and fair elections in 3rd world countries which ever free and fair way you want to look at it kunezvimwe zvisingapedzwi nemaelection its just wasting time and money seLotto

  16. Its really a problem and a spirtual issue all together, people must seek God and divine help from above. Even if we leave them they will die ind no one loves the death of a close friend or relative. God help us to cast the spirit of fornication and adultery.


    @ Coe sung, very good idea. The teenagers and all people who dont believe there is AIDS should be made to visit the hospitals to see with their naked eyes the AIDS sufferers. I also agree with King Shango, on the issue of alcohol.

  18. ipai vana ma condom vakakumbira wani last year mu parliament.. .. vana vamunoti vana vari kudamburana vasina kupfeka. isuo madhara tinodambura mpostori ku vana ivava so ini ndinoti pamberi ne sex but pfekai…

  19. vana vane nyere ivava imboendayi paroots of afrika every saturday muone sodoma negomorah vakapfeka tuma butt rider on a serious note this generation is lost add drugs to the prostitution and yu have a probem of epidemic proportions Help us Lord

  20. nhai vanu imi hamusi kuinawo here kuti vana kuda sex nekuti yava nyore kuwana mazuva ano kwete zvekuti heeee havasi kudzidziswa..all these youth know more bout hiv/aids than anyone else combined

  21. Kana doro hakuna zvekuti no under 18. Kana mari iripo hapana unobvunza

  22. Amongst the youth and adults in Zimbabwe, the high rate of HIV seems to be caused by: 1) Multiple sexual partners 2) Poor hygiene 3) Not using or not properly using a condom.

  23. How can HIV/AIDS go down with BBA what does it teach. The problem is the show is disgusting and all the kids are glued watching it c’mon do u think children can learn from it watchout what you feed your kids surely monkey see monkey do

  24. the zimbabwen family has disintegrated leading to children learning from each other in the streets leading to higly immoral behaviour . fix the family fix the aids spreading among youths

  25. multiple sexual partners.incorekt use of condoms.ah sources of inspiration are moviz youth we foget wat they display in moviz n shows is not their normal life and not good again.pple can hav sex out of nothin.pple not scared of hiv bcoz they sae use a condom coz i dont want to be mention abt hiv transmision.hanzi mafuta ..nca

  26. now easy to find smeone to have sex with.yu sae yu are sexy what do yu mean.fom imi masugar daddiz n mommies to youth yu think about sex now.yu look fo a sexy body not good behavior so what yu introduced is killin the youths

  27. We get it wrong when we look at this issue outside of the home set up; issues of sex and STDs should be addressed at home. A school, church or college is not meant to train kids on life issues but merely to complement the ground work and build on the foundation already laid out by the parent or gaurdian. Train your children in the Lord’s ways and they will not depart from it, even in the face of this immoral world of big brother, mtv, reality tv and sex/violence crazy entertainment industry.

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