Let’s use Sadc reprieve wisely

The decision by Sadc to order President Robert Mugabe to go back to the Constitutional Court to ask for an extension of the election date is very reasonable – so reasonable even Mugabe did not attempt to argue against the decision.

NewsDay Editorial

It is clear as day that while everybody wants elections held as early as yesterday, Zimbabwe is not yet ready to go for polls. There are several fundamental issues that need to be addressed before we can go for elections.

Mugabe knew the country does not have money to hold elections by July 31, just as he was aware it was not possible to have an acceptable election without proper voter registration and basic electoral reforms.

Even key supporters of his political grandstanding were conspicuous by their silence in the wake of the Concourt ruling, an indication they understood the folly of trying to force premature elections.

Even in Parliament, members of his party asked if it was practical to have elections held in accordance with the court ruling.
It obviously did not come as a surprise to Mugabe then that Sadc decided the way it did. In fact, him too welcomed the Sadc resolution.

He said: “It is a happy outcome for Zimbabwe.” He apparently was crossing his fingers Sadc would come up with the decision that it took. It is not him, but certain dark forces with blind vision in his party that were pushing for this crazy idea – forces that still need to be removed from Zimbabwe’s national politics – forces that are a danger to the nationhood of this country.

Chinamasa, who has been tasked with the job of taking this matter back to the Concourt, had to find something to say in the pretense at disgruntlement over what everybody else found to be a reasonable decision.

Which is why he went on and on about the nitty-gritties of security reforms instead of talking about the clear issues of the insanity of demanding elections without a clear roadmap which addresses fundamental issues of voter registration and other issues that require time.

What Zimbabweans expect now is the political wisdom of utilising the remaining time – up to mid August when legally, the country should be holding elections. The most important thing is to ensure that everybody who has a right to vote and wants to exercise that right is not impeded from doing so.

The biggest task before our politicians is to make sure Tobaiwa Mudede’s attempt to put into his pocket the national Constitution is rejected.

There is reason why the law requires that people are given 30 days within a ward to register and it is definitely not for Mudede to change that – let alone decide to reduce 30 days to three!

Or to pull together people from six wards to a far off venue where they should be given three, instead of 30 days to register as voters.
The extra two weeks that Sadc seeks to provide should therefore be used wisely.

To deal with all the outstanding issue expeditiously so that we do not have people seeking to postpone elections indefinitely.

Zimbabwe needs elections soon to bring normalcy to our economy and livelihood.

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  1. it makes sense,keep us posted

  2. Muridzo Nhachi

    some people just wanted Mugabe to look a fool and they won that. Chinamasa, Moyo and Mudhuku are evil. how can they do that the old man. its not fair. Save bhora mberi tinemi you have won this one.

  3. Mutirowafanza

    Madhuku has shown his true colours. He is Zanu through and through. The swine. Musoro banga. Deno mapuruvheya akakutsemura musoro iwoyo paakakurova. Now, what the people want to know is whether it is Madhuku alone who sups with the devil or is it the entire NCA. Please respond you NCA people. Are you with or against us?

  4. Mageja Siziba

    For the benefit of the uninitiated in real-politik. As the highest constitutional court in the land, our ConCourt made a final determination on the issue of harmonized elections to be held not later than July 31st. It cannot be told what to do by SADC Heads of States, or any external authority. It values its independence in its relations to the other pillars of the State-the Executive & Legislature- in Zimbabwe & will fight tooth & nail to maintain it. It will be clear already to the ConCourt that the Executive & others will be approaching it with “dirty hands” when the request for extension is made. It is a forgone conclusion that the request will be turned down for that & other compelling reasons.

    Even with the best will in the world, how can decisions of our ConCourt need the confirmation of outsiders to make then authentic, or legal? Which country on earth accepts that its courts are subordinate to other foreign jurisdictions? America? South Africa? Tanzania? Russia? Somalia?

    The SADC resolution simply required Zim parties to diplomatically go back & sort out their problems with the ConCourt instead of bothering everyone else in the region. It is now back to the status quo. Elections will be on, come July 31. ALL parties will participate in a credible plebiscite which SADC & the rest of the world will recognize. This is why the President as an astute politician agreed with SADC to approach the ConCourt for an extension of time which he knows will never be given by the learned judges.

  5. Is Newsday deliberately ignoring the ConCourt judgement in order to blame some dark shadowy figures or is Newday calling the ConCourt “certain dark forces with blind vision”? Mr Editor why don’t you be honest for once?

  6. musavate muchiti heee SADC heee SADC mukai apa, hapasisina nguva zuva rarasika hamuchariwani. as long zisco isati yashanda kana lanceshire handi vhoteru zanu na mugabe

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