Zimplats unaware of seizure

IMPALA Platinum Holdings (Implats) says it is not aware of government’s plans to repossess some of the land belonging to its local unit, Zimplats.

Report by Bernard Mpofu

The new twist emerged following Tuesday’s announcement by Mines and Mining Development minister Obert Mpofu that government had with immediate effect seized unutilised mining ground from Zimplats with the aim of renting out the land to new investors.

Mpofu said the State would repossess over 27 000 hectares of land held by the mining giant and reallocate it to five potential investors in a bid to widen revenue generated from the white metal.

The minister also gave local platinum mining companies a two-year ultimatum to begin processing the metal in the country.

Currently platinum is being refined in South Africa, amid concerns that Treasury could be losing millions in revenue.

Platinum accounts for the bulk of Zimbabwe’s exports. However, Implats said it was yet to get clarification from the government.

Zimplats head of corporate communication, Busi Chindove, concurred with remarks attributed to the parent company’s spokesperson Bob Gilmore who was quoted by the South African media saying the platinum miner had not been notified on the developments.

“We are unaware of it and we are trying to get clarification, but with no joy,” Implats spokesman Bob Gilmour said.

Economic Planning and Investment Promotion minister Tapiwa Mashakada could not be reached for comment.

Mpofu said the repossession of the mining rights would stimulate growth in the platinum industry.

“As the sole regulator and promoter of the mining industry in terms of the mines and Minerals Act (Chapter 21:05), the ministry is focusing on the creation of real opportunities and investment space by making more land available for new investments, attracting new players into the industry and acting on excess and unutilised ground,” Mpofu said.

“This will be done through reviewing all mining rights deemed to be in excess.
“To that end and following protracted discussions on the release of excess ground, my ministry is taking a step forward to repossess excess ground from Zimplats measuring 27 948 hectares.”

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  1. no property rights issue here…that land must be taken immediately. those guys are looting from us and not declaring a lot of minerals they are extracting from the ore, so on this, we must support the minister…but one word to the minister…No to Chinese ‘investment’…

    1. ungarambe sei investment yematozhozho iyo Zanu iine zvikwereti ku china…. ma swap deals arikungiotwa makatarisa mafongkong achingo benefita sei murikunyarara… Chineese money is a sgood as anyone else’s but the difference is the background detail that gives rise to such invetment. Nyaya iyi is an issue of how much ZANU can milk from the country’s resources under the guise of governance. Ma Zanoids give capitalism a whole new meaning in Africa.. watch the space… vana vavo ndivo vachaita the eventual custodians and owners of our economy…. vozotonga vana vedu nevana vevana vedu.

  2. Take the land and have it utilised by us 100% or by foreigners and we keeping 51% for ourselves. That’s the law. Kana wasvotwa rutsa kana tsamaya !!!!!!

  3. Mbeki wakaura” no crisis in Zimbabwe”…kwazotorwa personal property yako. Tichakudzorera madhongi ameranyanga. Next time just tell the truth.

  4. i am mostly happy and in full support of the issue of that ultimatum for local processing of the mineral. Surely the treasury is losing a fortune by the foreign processing. We are sick and tired of exporting row items and make others benefit from the resources that are rightfully ours as Zimbabweans. Thanks to the ministry.

  5. Chero kutorwa kana kusatorwa.they are the ones who benefit.hapana povo inowana chinhu.itai zvamafunga

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