Bus accident kills 12, 46 injured

TWELVE people died while 45 others were injured when the bus they were travelling in sideswiped a road repairs truck belonging to Group Five road construction firm at the 54km peg along the Gweru-Bulawayo road yesterday afternoon, police reported.


The driver of the truck was also injured bringing the number of casualties to 46.

Deputy traffic police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Luckmore Chakanza told NewsDay 10 people perished on the spot while two others died on admission at the Gweru Provincial Hospital. The accident occurred at about 12:45pm.

Chakanza said the bus belonging to Zebron Express and the Mercedes-Benz truck were both travelling from Gweru towards Bulawayo.

“The circumstances surrounding the accident are that the driver of the bus was travelling towards Bulawayo with 58 passengers on board and when he approached the 54km peg, he was signalled to stop at a construction spot where the Group Five company employees were working,” Chakanza said.

“The driver of the bus failed to stop and tried to overtake the truck which was stationery as it had complied with the stop signal.

“In the process the bus sideswiped the truck and as a result of the impact the right side of the bus was ripped off inflicting injuries to passengers who were sitting on that side of the bus.”

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He said the truck veered off the road and overturned injuring the driver in the process.

Chakanza said the injured were taken to Gweru Provincial Hospital.


  1. The bus driver was reckless. May e souls of those who died rest in eternal peace.

  2. I have said it many times that Zimbabwean drivers are reckless and amongst the worst in the world. Each time I stand alone but signs are there for everyone to see. In another world such a driver would be jailed for life.

    1. Apa wataura tomalo… hazvidi nharo izvi. Zimbabweans we must change our attitute muroad and respect the rules of the roads.. May their Souls rest in peace.

  3. We need to see what the prosecutors are going to charge this driver with.Its high time they set an example for other to be offenders.This is murder at the part of the bus driver.Life in prison with no suspended sentence.

  4. surely thz accidents wl not come to an end unless the police and the vid dont compromise,lets say for example the police manning a road block discovers that a combi carrying 18 passengers has one worn out tyre .the kombi gets a ticket for that but in the next 30km that kombi burst its tyre then 8 people die on the sport 10 others got injured whoz fault is that?or lets say a bus got road fitnes today but the same day that bus’ brakes fail that same bus got involved in an accident,whoz fault iz that

  5. Mupfana weBikini

    The bus had no brakes so the driver couldnt ram into the stationary benz truck.Its not a case of the driver wanting to ocvertake for the sake of overtaking.The bus owner must have his operating licence revoked, Period!

  6. Bus driver idofo, may the souls of those who died rest in peace and wish a quick recovery for those who were injured.

  7. the bus driver was very reckless. this show shows that he was speeding in a construction zone we dont expect that from a Class 1 driver. more stern measures should be taken against these guys at list it gives a lesson to the other bus drivers

  8. driver ngaapike jeri kuti vamwe vaone kuti zvavo zvekudzingirirana hazviiti.these guys kana vachida zveformula 1 nngavaende kumonaco not mumahighways edu

  9. John weku Mabvuku

    Cde Mbonisi, Yu were seen in Gweru over the week end, do yu see the work of the tokoloshi yu tried to dump in a garbage bin at Kudzanai Bus Stop? Shamwari ita mushe!!


  10. I travel this road on a regular basis and have seen how Drivers both car and bus do not obey the marshals telling you to stop.The police should have the driver of the bus arrested and charged with murder and put a heavy fine on the bus operator for employing such bad drivers.

  11. I don’t think the driver has a genuine licence. Many drivers are plying our roads without drivers licences.The police just let them go afterall not having a licence does not attract a jail sentence. The law must change so that people think twice before going behind the wheel.

  12. such reckless drivers should be imprisoned because all they care about is to make many trips and more money at the expense of the innocent passengers’ lives.

  13. Mum why so early the bus have robbed us of our lovely mother ,sister ,aunty rest in peace n to every one who was involved rest in peace u will always be remembered

  14. Really,really sad….As we approach the festive season,Zimbabweans let us unite and pray for safety and sanity to prevail on our roads as we cannot seeing precious lives succumbing or getting maimed in accidents.Comfort and strength to all the bereaved.

  15. @Mabvuto – which festive season now – Easter?

    1. Sure,l mean Easter.

  16. may the souls of the deceased rest in peace in Jesus name.i wish a quick recovery to the injured

  17. Chinokonzeresa ndeweVID ukada kutarisa driver chitambi akatenga uye fitness yebus was issued whilist the bus was not there apa police hana hayo mhoswa nekuti paroad block you can not debate issue yemabrack emotor asi kuVID if possible dai pama investigations of circumstance of the accident achi includer how the driver was issued his drivers licence and also how the bus was issued with its fitness

  18. Nyika yoparara do. Smthing abt the drivers meaning all ,bcz some varikungorova yatinoti hit and run,hazvichavatyisi kuuraya,wht kind of world a we living in,some we see these accidents every day,Stop killing our luvd ones,to all who perished may ur perfect souls rest in peace

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