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Baboons terrorise villagers


GWANDA — Troops of marauding baboons have reportedly wreaked havoc in parts of Gwanda where they are killing villagers’ chickens, goats and snatching groceries from small children to stave off hunger.

Sister Bhebhe, a ward 2 councillor in the Zhukwe area, told NewsDay over the weekend the problem had been worsened by a shortage of wild fruits this year due to erratic rainfall last season.

“There is a big mountain here, Zhukwe, which is one of the highest in Gwanda district,” Bhebhe said.

“There are a lot of baboons that live on that mountain and as a result of the hunger and the drying of the bush, the baboons are coming down and terrorising us here.

“They steal our chicken, they steal our goats and when we send children to the stores to buy bread, they harass the children and take away the bread and other groceries. These days they (baboons) are so much of a menace because there is no food in the bush,” she added.

“We are in the process of engaging the Department of Parks and Wildlife Management through the rural district council to come and help us.

“We just want them to kill one or two to scare them away. Maybe they can keep to the mountain and leave us in peace.”

Johnson Ndlovu, a preacher at the Brethren in Christ Church in the ward, said: “We are having a lot of challenges here because of these baboons.

“A lot of people have lost their livestock, especially goats and chicken, as a result of these marauding baboons.”

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