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BBA: Upville nominations spark storm


Upville diary sessions were more tell-tale than usual, thanks to nominations.

Lady May highlighted the amount of gossiping going on in the house and told Biggie that she preferred staying out of it and maintaining her neutral status.

It seems Barbz is also on that tip now. She said she had realised that having alliances could lead to one’s downfall in the House; so she had opted to keep her friendship with Zainab on the down low.
“It’s good that she sleeps in the boys’ room, so we give each other enough space,” Barbz explained.

Barbz based her observation on Maneta and Mampi’s friendship which led to both of them being nominated. Well, perhaps it’s too little too late for Maneta to blame her nomination on Mampi.
“Mampi’s been causing conflicts and she’s dragging me along,” Maneta lamented during her diary session.

Maneta said Mampi sort of knew she would be up for nomination because she had rubbed a few people the wrong way.

Maneta added that during her fight with Roki, he had said he had actually nominated Mampi because she was friends with her (Maneta).
“But I know that I was nominated because of Mampi because they think we’re always scheming,” she said.

Maneta further expressed her disappointment in Roki for nominating her yet they are both from Zimbabwe.

“We’re both here representing Zimbabwe and he nominates me. I am very patriotic. I would never ever nominate him and I think this is the first time in the history of Big Brother,” she added.

Meanwhile, true to Maneta’s word, Mampi didn’t seem fazed about being nominated. “I believe in fighting, but not for something that’s not time,” she said arrogantly.

Biggie didn’t take kindly to Roki revealing his nominations to the girls which resulted in a heated argument between him and his countryman, Maneta.

Big Brother warned Roki to tread carefully as Biggie was losing patience with all the contravention of rules in the house.

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