We will boycott Chinese products

An MDC-T government minister said yesterday the Chinese practice the darkest side of capitalism and has threatened that her party will urge Zimbabweans to boycott their products in protest.

Over the last five years, there has been an influx of Chinese businesses of all forms in Zimbabwe.

Instead of aiding development and growth of the economy, the Chinese have brought nothing new except exploiting the locals and overshadowing them, said Paurina Mupariwa, the MDC-T secretary for labour who is also the Minister of Labour in the inclusive government.

She said investigations were underway at government level over the alleged harassment of workers.

Mpariwa went on to say Zimbabweans ought to snub Chinese products if the ill-treatment of workers continued.

The government should bring the matter to the attention of the Chinese government so that it encourages its nationals to abide by the laws of this country.

Should this abuse continue, the MDC calls upon every law-abiding citizen to boycott Chinese products until they learn to treat workers with respect and dignity, she said.

Zimbabweans deserve respect and dignity much as we have shown hospitality to the Chinese.
MDC deputy spokesperson Kurauone Chihwai said his party was equally concerned with the alleged ill-treatment of locals by the Chinese and had received such reports.

We are equally concerned with the ill-treatment of locals by the Chinese. We have heard such reports and the Chinese are quick to hide by saying they have Zanu PF protection because of the Look East policy, but as a party we are yet to take a position on that, he said.

Recently Zanu PF Youth League secretary for indigenisation Innocent Hamandishe said they were not happy with the taking over of most businesses in the city by, among other foreign nationals, the Chinese at the expense of locals.

Zanu PF is a freedom train that accommodates people. The indigenisation programme is a vehicle that takes people from poverty to richness.

In Harare there are shops all over but are being used by Chinese, Indians and Nigerians, but will you be afforded the same opportunity if you go to their countries? said Hamandishe.

Efforts to get a comment from the Chinese embassy were fruitless by time of going to print.


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