Split looms in Zanu-Ndonga


A war of words has broken out amid a looming split in Zanu-Ndonga with party president Gondayi Vhutuza and national chairman Reketayi Semwayo clashing over leadership positions.

Yesterday, Semwayo labelled Vhutuza a “sellout who had shifted from Zanu-Ndonga political ideologies and manifesto” claiming he was a self-appointed party president as he had not been elected at congress.

Vhutuza dismissed Semwayo’s assertions saying the national chairman was always bent on undermining his authority as party leader.

“Vhutuza is no longer the original Zanu-Ndonga president, and is now on his own because some of the statements he makes sound as if he is now with MDC-T,” said Semwayo.

“We can call it a split because the executive of Zanu-Ndonga will be calling for a congress and that is where we will be electing a president for the party and we cannot have people who elected themselves masquerading as our party president.”

Vhutuza, however, shot back: “I do not want a split, but for the sake of the party, we will end up splitting because the squabbling is too much. I am even more popular than Semwayo within the party because during the 2008 parliamentary elections I got a total of 533 votes while he got only 59 votes.”

The two recently clashed over party leadership positions with Vhutuza calling for punishment of the 10 MPs accused of abusing Constituency Development Fund allocations.

Semwayo differed saying the party position was that MPs should not be punished as real looters were those stealing proceeds from diamond sales in Chiadzwa.

Vhutuza recently said his party would support Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in future elections, a position Semwayo has also disputed.