Rickyfire, Lady B drop fresh video


Tulani Takavada, better known as Rickyfire in dancehall musical circles, has released a video called Handichada featuring Brenda Bechani, known as Lady B, which set to rock the airwaves soon.

The Chitungwiza-born artist is proving to be the ghetto youths’ favourite when it comes to Zimdancehall with youths singing his tracks word for word.

The video describes a story about a husband who gets home late all the time and this does not go down well with the wife who decides to abandon the marriage despite having everything a woman needs in the house.

Rickyfire said he considered the older age group which does not usually listen to his type of music by coming up with such a video so as to portray the other side of the dancehall music.

“The type of music we sing is more appealing to the youths and some of the older people do not have much time to listen to this type of music, but with this video the story is different,” said Rickyfire.

“This video contains an educative theme where I tried to point out that, we as men, we must have enough respect for our wives as they need our love. We should treat them accordingly so as to have strong, long-lasting relationships,” said Rickyfire.

“These days we need to respect our families, especially the married couples, so as to save these relationships for the sake of reducing the Aids pandemic that has left many families suffering. That’s why I decided to come up with such a video,” he added.

The 27-year-old Chitungwiza ghetto youth started singing in 2002 and up to now he has done many projects with different ghetto youths who include Lady B, Junior Fire and Guspy Warrior to mention a few.

Rickyfire said despite being born with music in his veins like his father Abel Takavada who use to sing with Zacks Manatsa, his inspiration comes from God.

However, Rickyfire has appealed to promoters to support the ghetto youth as they have the talent, but finance is the major drawback for them.

“In the ghetto we have the talent, but it’s only that ghetto youths don’t have funds to showcase their talent so my appeal is to the promoters to join hands and help develop the talent in the ghettos,” said Rickyfire.

It is from the ghetto that we have seen the emergence of Wallace Chirimuko, better known by different names such as “DiBigiman” or “Maninja”, Desmond Chideme, known as Stunner or the “King of Bling ”Bling, Emergy Chidzanga, better known as Freeman, and Brenda Bechani, known as Lady B. Rickyfire urged his fellow ghetto youths to work hard so as to fulfil their dreams.

“Ghetto youths, just take your careers seriously and don’t be defeated by piracy as ghetto life is not easy. If Jah bless, no man curse — when your time to shine come everyt’ing gwan automatically.”