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Josh Meck set to release second album


Multi-talented bass guitarist and Afro-jazz sensation sensation Josh Meck is set to begin the new season in style and release his long-awaited second album after having last recorded in 2009, a project that he is currently working on with internationally acclaimed artists from Germany, Sweeden and the United States.

The album, titled Time, is a fusion of a variety of sounds and instruments which include the Kora from Senegal, acoustic guitar, marimba ,hosho and most importantly which features Meck exploring more of his vocal accord.

“The album Time was driven by my need give something to my fans after a very long time.

“Since I last recorded in 2009, most of my fans were now asking and wondering when was going to release an album again.

“I definitely wanted to release it this festive season, but since I’m working with different artists overseas, I had to make sure I do the right thing and eventually I rescheduled the release dates,”said Meck.

Out of the eight tracks that make up this compilation, Meck worked with the fashionable rock Swedish band popularly known as Hornstill Band together with Max Wilde, a Zimbabwean artist currently based in New York on six tracks.

Meanwhile the album is currently being mixed and mastered by internationally acclaimed producer and musician Kettel Meddel based in Germany.

“For me it’s quiet an amazing project and just the feel of it and the way how we have fused different sounds to come up with one beat is giving me the feeling that it’s going to be a good album.

“I also worked with a couple of local artists and I have a feeling that although it has been difficult to bring each and every contribution together, it’s coming out right”, said Meck.

The album also features Nick Nhare and Blessing Chimanga of the exquisite jazz outfit Colour Blu playing the drums and is set to be officially launched in January.

Some of the tracks which the fans should expect to feel include Rudo, Chembere Dzekwedu, Vanodada and the title track Time.

“All the tracks on this album are complemented by an element of time and the way various instruments are employed creates a unique feel which goes along very well with the message”, said Meck.

The title track Time talks about how long it had been since Meck delivered a composition to his fans and Rudo is one of the gentle tracks on this album that speaks about how love is specifically shaped by the passage of time.

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