MDC youths plan sit-in protest at Zim Embassy


Youths from the Welshman Ncube led-Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in South Africa have said they will be marching to the Zimbabwe Embassy in Pretoria this weekend where they will stage a mass sit-in to protest against the arrest of 10 of their members in Bulawayo.

The 10 youths, eight males and two females, were arrested over the weekend in a door-to-door campaign in Sauerstown, Bulawayo, and were set to appear in court yesterday to answer to charges of criminal nuisance.

In an interview with NewsDay yesterday morning, the MDC youth assembly’s external structure deputy chairperson Shephard Dube said they held a meeting on Monday where they agreed they “will carry out a mass-sit-in at the Zimbabwean Embassy and Consulate if the arrested leaders and members are not released by Friday midday”.

“We will therefore be youthful and act likewise if our leaders are not released by Friday.

“It is high time as citizens of Zimbabwe that we say no to abuse by people who are meant to protect us.

“As the MDC Youth Assembly we stand high and tall on the shoulders of Pan-Africanism, and by this, we mean we will not allow our African brothers to treat us like non-Africans. Therefore if the brother is resolute that he will treat us like outsiders we are left with no choice but to be civilly disobedient.

“Our civil disobedience action this coming weekend will be justified by the GPA.

“What puzzles us is that Zanu PF can’t even uphold the spirit of the governing document, but it is the oldest political party in the land.

“Not to say they can’t read, but they can’t respect something in a preamble,” he said.