MLF unveils flag, declares ‘war’ for independence


Secessionist party, Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF), has unveiled a flag for its envisaged Mthwakazi state and made resolutions at the weekend to press ahead with its struggle.

MLF spokesperson David Magagula told NewsDay the party resolved to press forward with the struggle to “free Mthwakazi from Zimbabwean colonial rule” and to intensify mass mobilisation for the struggle.

“We also resolved to lobby the international community to support the Mthwakazi cause, to crush all forms of infighting and indiscipline that have been rearing its ugly head in the movement of late.

“As MLF we also want to reiterate that no MLF official or member should communicate with the media except the party spokesperson or his deputy,” he said.

The party’s vice-president Edgar Gumede said it was their desire to “see all Mthwakazians who supported the independence cause coming together and speaking with one loud voice”.

“We refuse to stand aloof whilst Zimbabwean colonialists loot our Mthwakazi heritage day in and day out, night in and night out. MLF, from henceforth, is embarking on a drive to form alliances with all the political and civil formations that share the Mthwakazi people’s aspirations for total independence.

“We cannot afford to stand divided as Mthwakazians. We have to stand together as a united force against this system. We have our people in Zanu PF, who are presently dining with the enemy, we want them back home. They are in there representing none other than themselves. They must come out and join the Mthwakazi peoples’ struggle for true freedom.

“It is time we face reality. The naked truth is that we are under black colonial rule, masterminded by the Mugabe-led regime. It is not true that we in MLF hate Shonas. No, no, no, we don’t! We hate the colonial system of government that they imposed in Mthwakazi,” he said.

The party reshuffled its top leadership with Sabelo Ngwenya being moved from the legal affairs position to national organising secretary and Prudence Mpofu-Moyo, who was the vice-chairperson for the party’s South African province, now heading the foreign affairs portfolio.

Mduduzi Khanye was brought in as the deputy secretary for policy and research.