Ireland 2015 World Cup hopes reignited


Ireland could yet play in the 2015 World Cup after the International Cricket Council (ICC) was asked to reconsider the composition of the competition.

In April the ICC announced a move to reduce places at the next World Cup from 14 to its 10 full members.

The likes of Ireland and Scotland have reacted angrily as they would miss out.

But ICC president Sharad Pawar has asked the executive board to reconsider the decision at the Annual Conference in Hong Kong in June.

As it stands, only full ICC members, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, England, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, West Indies, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, will compete in four years’ time.

The possibility of a 12-team tournament was also discussed by the ICC’s executive board at a meeting in Mumbai in April, but it opted to approve its previous decision to have 10 teams.

But Pawar has responded to vociferous dissatisfaction among the associate and affiliate nations by requesting the executive board look again at the structure of the tournament.