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Sibanda’s 80 minutes away from ZRU presidency

ASPIRING Zimbabwe Rugby Union (ZRU) president Gerald Sibanda

ASPIRING Zimbabwe Rugby Union (ZRU) president Gerald Sibanda has moulded his campaign manifesto along the rugby lines declaring that he is 80 minutes away from the echelons of power.

His manifesto ahead of today's election starts with the emotional 20 minutes as the former Zimbabwe international goes down memory lane borrowing pages from his playing days.

The election is scheduled for the Sports and Recreation Commission boardroom this morning.

"As we kick off our tenure with the centre pass, the first 20 minutes are expectedly emotional and this is the situation we find ourselves in," Sibanda said.

"In these first 20 minutes the game will be given its voice, empowerment will take place, accountability will be the norm, every department will be subjected to a review of the administration process and we will support all the stakeholders and ensure that all are self-sufficient, yet governed correctly."

The battle for supremacy involves three other high-powered candidates including incumbent, Aaron Jani, his deputy Losson Mtongwiza and former national team coach, Gilbert Nyamutsamba.

Sibanda is looking forward to the fulfillment of his vision by 2031. He is pushing forward a five-tier pyramid with the association at the top, the National League, local leagues, grassroots and the Zimbabwe Rugby Foundation (ZRF).

"The ZRF stands as a beacon of philanthropy, dedicated to nurturing the essence of rugby within Zimbabwe. Its noble mission revolves around fostering rugby talents among the youth, encompassing both boys and girls, with a strong emphasis on promoting wellness and safety," added Sibanda.

"Through expert coaching and referee guidance, along with the establishment of pathways to excellence, the ZRF is steadfast in its commitment to cultivating a legacy of sporting brilliance."

Former servants of the game and the legends are set to be recognised through the establishment of the ZRF.

"Moreover, paying homage to the historical figures of the sport, the ZRF elegantly appoints them as ambassadors, weaving a narrative that honours their contributions," he said.

"This poignant gesture not only acknowledges their past achievements but also positions them as guiding beacons in the Foundation's journey of resurgence, ensuring a meticulous and respectful construction of its legacy."

The ZRF's pillars comprise youth and development, pathways to excellence, advocacy, funding and resources as well as supporting past and present players.

"Going the full 80 minutes we will get up close and personal. Here we will have a review of the current administration process will take place, every department will be part of this process to ensure buy-in," he added.

"An organogram will be provided after assessments of current structures. Every position and their roles or responsibilities will be documented, measured and managed accordingly, while giving them tools to perform."

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