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Ncube’s journey to State House

THE recent MDC campaign launch in Chikomba marked the beginning of the journey to Zimbabwe’s State House by the party’s president Professor Welshman Ncube.

THE recent MDC campaign launch in Chikomba marked the beginning of the journey to Zimbabwe’s State House by the party’s president Professor Welshman Ncube.

Report by Kurauone Chihwayi

That also marked the beginning of the fierce hunt for State House keys by Team Zimbabwe headed by Ncube.

The MDC has proven practical solutions for Zimbabwe that will see the return of a vibrant industry, especially the strangled manufacturing sector.

What is now certain is that a better Zimbabwe is definitely coming and the tired and clueless Zanu PF regime is on its way out.

One may wonder why the MDC is singing the devolution song.

We sing the song because we have a package of solutions to the country’s social, political and economic problems that require urgent attention.

The MDC is a social democratic party that believes in democratic decision-making processes, tolerance of diversity of opinion, condemnation of corruption and upholding of the principle of equality in terms of opportunities and resources.

The MDC looks forward to a people-centred government that will transform lives through people-controlled programmes.

Our policy document, ACTIONS, is our reference book that will guide us in all our activities.

We are talking about Access to resources and equity, public offices, power, free choices and justice; Control of our destiny, welfare, local power and decision making mechanism; Transformation of communities and strengthening livelihoods of all Zimbabweans; Initiatives for health, job creation, social security and equal opportunities; Organisation of all public institutions to effectively and efficiently deliver services; New technologies for propelling the country into the digital age through science, mathematics and engineering; and Sustainability of the agenda on life, the habitat, the environment, and national policy programmes.

Ncube was in rural Binga, about 1 000km from Harare, where he officially launched the party’s election manifesto — the party’s promise to the people of Zimbabwe is dubbed Devolution is our Revolution.

The MDC government is looking forward to a devolved effective local governance system, devolved progressive labour and employment practices, devolved industrial development, devolved growth-oriented mining, devolved sustainable social transformation, devolved gender and women’s rights practices and devolved sustainable green environment.

We are also pursuing a devolved clean water delivery, devolved quality education delivery system devolved quality health delivery, devolved public transport service delivery, productive land use, progressive international relations programme, progressive youth advancement, devolved media, information and communication practices as well as devolved sport and recreation.

Voting for the MDC would mean associating yourself with quality and progressive leadership that believes in prosperity.

The MDC government will bring locally-driven economic productivity, value addition on Zimbabwean commodities like diamonds and tobacco, proper utilisation and monitoring of the country’s natural resources, proper utilisation of the currently dormant or under-utilised human capital, participative economic development, stabilisation of the country’s international relations in order to create markets and attract international partners, creation of a stable environment and opportunities that attract foreign direct investment, reviving industry and national infrastructure for full productivity, creation of a user-friendly legal and political environment that allows free choice and pursuit of business goals, jobs, decent remuneration and retirement benefits for labour.

There will be respect acknowledgement and legal protection of private property rights, revitalisation and strengthening of industry as the basis for economic resuscitation, motivation and utilisation of the Zimbabwe Diaspora to play a more defined and structured role in the promotion of Zimbabwe and national development and the promotion of the use of all languages as a means of promoting diverse thinking and ideologies as well as tapping latent skills from the previously marginalised communities.

The MDC family is a practical team with a comprehensive work plan that will prioritise the needs of the people.

Devolution is our new revolution and that is a model of governance that will speed up transformation of rural and urban development.

The MDC is urging the people of Zimbabwe to avoid mistakes of voting for habitual thieves, looters and killers, I mean the people who looted our diamonds, the people who deprived us of our land rights, and the people who emerge during election periods only and disappear after winning.

The future of Zimbabwe lies in our hands and any careless voting will plunge our motherland into a serious crisis.

The people should not be misled by political regalia and food that is being dished by some known angels of the devil.

Eat the food, but vote correctly for Ncube and his green team.

Remember that green means abundant life, but not the Zanu PF green. The Zanu PF is a stolen green, it is not their green! Vote for Ncube for President! He is your President, he is my President, he is our President!

Those willing to read the MDC manifesto online are free to visit our website www.mdczim.net

lKurauone Chihwayi is MDC deputy secretary for media, information and publicity.

Why I will vote Ncube for President

Report by Hloniphani Ndlovu

BELOW are 11 reasons why I endorse and will vote for Welshman Ncube as presidential candidate and his party (some reasons I expand, others are self-explanatory):

  • 1. Principled
  • 2. Policy
  • 3. Consistency

lRemember when there was the noise and bluff about elections two years or so after the signing of the government of national unity (GNU), Ncube is the only person who said elections will be held in 2013 and true to his word, we are having elections in 2013. There was another noise and bluff that elections would be held at beggining if 2013 and he said it’s not possible until July! lFor that, he deserves my trust and vote as he has shown foresight and general/constitutional understanding.

  • 4. Transparency
  • 5. Genuineness

lHe has been “victimised” and attacked in his person and tribe, but he remained calm and focused

  • 6. Being oneself, he is one person that has remained true to oneself and never exaggerated himself in public or otherwise
  • 7. Not politicking
  • lHe has always remained truthful and avoided politicking or saying political statements to please or sway masses
  • 8. Personal integrity

lMost, if not all other presidential candidates, have moral issues to answer and/or defend. Ncube has nothing that has been raised so far. The only issue that he is blamed for which is beyond him and that which he cannot change is the “sin” of his parents that he is from a certain tribe which, according to some, is not morally qualified for Presidency!

  • 9. GNU tenure

None of the ministers from MDC were accused of misusing the constituency funds (Zanu PF and MDC-T ministers were). The Education ministry delivered. Even critics cannot deny that David Coltart was among the best in the life of the GNU. His delivery cannot be ignored

lIndustries revival — This was purely sabotaged by other government ministries

  • 10 Competence and qualification — I think nobody can doubt that if Presidency is about personal and academic qualification alone, none of the other presidential candidates will even dare challenge him. It is clear that the current emphasis on devolution of power is an important issue that cannot be over-emphasised. Some of us who have been practically negatively impacted by this centralisation monster cannot wait any longer to breathe a sigh of relief after the full implementation of devolution and the only party that has stood for and been serious and even competent to implement that is MDC led by Ncube
  • lHloniphani Ndlovu is an MDC activist.