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Carbon conspiracy, tussling bearing no solutions

Opinion & Analysis
In this emission discourse, it is important for people to demonstrate the reduction of carbon footprints within one’s control.

THE greenhouse predicament has been the most viciously fought and contested phenomenon of humankind. Climate change has contributed to unending debates of conspiracies, hidden agendas, wits and jockeying sometimes designed to sanitise the abnormal.

The world has failed to implement and deliver the evidence that despite having awareness of vast carbon emission results on the ground are not associated with actions pledged.

The world is accustomed to different carbon emissions associated with a variety of activities shaping the global carbon narratives of our time.

Humanity is in an era where everyone is supposed to make use of the climate evidence experienced and learned, to be able to explain and justify their actions and why they are taking such kinds of action.

In this emission discourse, it is important for people to demonstrate the reduction of carbon footprints within one’s control.

The global carbon emission conspiracies are punctuated by those who want to maintain the status quo, by continuing to emit while at the same time speaking the language of normalisation and those that seek to reduce carbon emissions to make the world a better place.

Within the same bracket and context, there are also those who do not make decisions, who have no control and influence of the proceedings and they are the majority.

A certain section has also opted to deny, disinform and miscommunicate the status of climate change while others try to project the correct situation on the ground but without adequate resources.

The global climate community needs to be informed and continuously engaged to achieve their climate action plans that contribute to net-zero scenarios. Tussling for carbon control and conspiracies does not pay since the global emission statistics do not lie.

The world has also witnessed spirited efforts by those who are guilty of carbon sins playing dangerous emission games. These main polluting actors have gone to the extent of using costs to engage inside marketing of green technologies they manufacture using profits accrued from burning fossil fuels. By double-dealing, the main polluting actors try to divert people’s attention from their emission activities by appeasing through phoney climate action reforms.

The other practice used to dodge emission responsibility by the rich polluting nations is by churning vast amounts of new green vocabulary designed to make these emerging linguistic tools attractive, user-friendly and groundbreaking.

These semantic cues are mostly built around the term carbon like carbon budget, carbon markets, carbon literacy, carbon war, carbon footprints, carbon diet, carbon trading, carbon sins, carbon guilty, carbon sinks, among others. The semantic cues are powerful tools of climate conspiracy dispositions.

Although these are metaphors designed to transform the climate science communication landscapes, they have nascent ideological inclinations and hegemonic characteristics aimed at imposing the new climate order and culture to unsuspecting audiences.

The main polluters are running scared and short of time as they are left with the least of opportunities and tricks to keep on deceiving the world. Throughout the global emissions discourse, run away carbon emission ideologies and standpoints have refused to be backgrounded.

There are so many attempts to conceal the truth, reality and toxic emission evidence while foregrounding the intimidating atmosphere and the culture of investing in dangerous carbon emission games.

Climate deniers do not sleep, they grab opportunities, take centre stage and are always strategising to evade the truth.

They have taken emission dangerous games to YouTube, where they deny global warming ever existing. They dig and tear into renewable energy transitions as mere climate propaganda. These assertions are not meant to provide climate action solutions but to mortgage human mind, manipulate and control it.

As such, many developing countries are caught up in denialism.

The global emission mix has continued to be a complex and problematic ethical dilemma where rich nations’ moral inadequacies are exposed and chastised, leading to pressure building up in their emission galore.

While using carbon calculators is key with carbon removal being instrumental, this type of carbon measurement is not inclusive and leaves out the majority in the already disadvantaged Global South. It is also significant and paramount for the main polluting nations to use their vast resources to invest in business models that provide mechanisms for carbon removal.

Regrettably, in some developing countries, climate advocacy has been hijacked by political instruments to grandstand, politrick and patronise.

This is dangerous at a time when we need schoolchildren to be free from climate indoctrination and intoxication and instead be acquainted with real climate agendas and life-saving climate action strategies.

In developed countries, there is a need to audit and manage the large amounts of carbon emissions released from military industries, military aviation and hardware industries in Ukraine and Gaza.

These are issues that are never talked about at the conference of parties  that the developing world is always jittery about. These are the global carbon conspiracies that these gatherings need to address to realise fairness, equity and climate justice that deliver global communities from choking carbon conspiracies.

Peter Makwanya is a climate change communicator. He writes in his personal capacity and can be contacted on: [email protected]

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