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What schools must also teach

Opinion & Analysis
School is not a place of comparing or judging students based on their academic performance

School is not only a place of learning facts, passing examinations or obtaining certificates but a place of helping students to discover how they can manage their abilities, talents or purpose and bringing out the greatness inside them. School is not a place of comparing or judging students based on their academic performance. All students must be treated equally and this helps the teachers to easily identify the potential of students. Also schools should not make those students who are not good at academic subjects feel like they are dull.

Do not make them feel like losers or failures because their lives are not over yet, the game of life is still on. School must not be there to teach every student to be academically intelligent but intelligent in areas of their abilities or gifts because I believe we are all different based on our purpose on earth. Even the Bible states that Esau was a skilful hunter while Jacob was a talented tent maker. So why does school curriculum assume all students are the same? Why give all students the same meal while their tastes differ? Why does school force all students to think and act like those who are academically gifted? Can't you see this is torture to students.

Going further, I believe academic education must not  be acquired only for passing examinations but for the sake of applying it in the real world for the betterment of human lives. Also there is something I think must be changed from primary, secondary to tertiary education, which is teaching all students to be on the side of being employees and I am not saying it’s bad to be an employee because after all it’s all about what you decide to be, either an employee or entrepreneur.

Also our school system is not doing much in teaching students entrepreneurship, that's why you always hear most school-leavers saying, “there are no jobs” yet we can create a source of income for ourselves without being employed by someone. Entrepreneurship is a survival skill that all students must learn and it enables one to make a living in case one is not employed or they opt to be an entrepreneur.

Our schools must not only focus on teaching students to be employees but to be entrepreneurs as well in order to create a balance in this world and I deeply believe that our future is in the hands of entrepreneurs who create jobs, systems on how money circulates and works.

Also there is something strange about the education system. We all know that after doing everything to aquire education, the end goal is to make money but students are not being thought about money or how it works. That's why many people today still think negatively about money regardless of how much education they acquired.

The truth is that a negative mindset about money leads to financial struggle. Our school system must not only emphasise that the only way to make money is through working for someone because starting own business ventures offering value to people in  the form of a product or service in exchange for money also earns one an income.

The school system must teach students that making money is about offering value to people. How do you offer value to people? You develop valuable skills and present them to people and if the value you are offering is what they are looking for, definitely they will appreciate and pay you.

I always hear many people complaining that there is no money. Is it true? No, there is no shortage of money, in fact there is plenty of money out there but the problem with some people is that their negative mindset about money has blinded them from seeing how and where to get it.

Money is always circulating, so it’s up to an individual  to make a choice to be part of the cycle.

Our education system must change and start helping students to prepare for the future they want.

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