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Nyakudyara celebrates women in new song

Life & Style
Nyakudyara said although the song celebrates women, it is for everyone especially those who love to feel love and excitement.

AMERICA-BASED Zimbabwean  Afro-fusion singer Clare Nyakujara has released Tsvarakadenga, a musical celebration of women as special humans not only in their creations.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style,  the celebrated acoustic player said her song’s lyrics are inspired by stories of women’s resilience and love, especially in the way they light up the lives of their partners.

“Think of Tsvarakadenga as a song that is like a big, beautiful painting, but instead of paint, it uses music to show how amazing and pretty women are. It is a lady singing to her partner, saying, look at me, I am your queen, I make your life exciting and spicy, I am super cool and I make your heart race. It uses our special word, tsvarakadenga (beautiful) to describe how she feels,” she narrated.

“I wrote the song Tsvarakadenga bearing in mind someone who makes your day brighter and your heart fuller; that is the feeling this song wants to celebrate.

Nyakudyara said although the song celebrates women, it is for everyone especially those who love to feel love and excitement. 

“The song Tsvarakadenga is for anyone who likes to groove to a beat that makes them feel proud and happy about the special connections they have with their loved ones,” she noted. 

Nyakudyara moved to the United States to do music full time at Disney Animal Kingdom Theme Park courtesy of her agent Zuma Zuma, and she has been able to showcase African music and culture, paying special attention to Zimbabwe.

As she enjoys life in the US, Nyakudyara said performing at a renowned and globally-recognised venue like Disney World has significantly widened her visibility and recognition, adding that this exposure has opened new opportunities, collaborations and a broader fan base.

 “Being able to showcase at such prominent venues has allowed me to share my heritage with a diverse audience. This fostered appreciation for African music and traditions, leading to a deeper understanding and respect for my musical style,” she noted.

“The rigorous performances and the demand for high-quality entertainment at Disney World enhanced my stage presence, musical skills and overall professionalism as a performer. The experience served as valuable training and preparation for future endeavours in the music industry.”

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