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Gospel diva plans music academy

Life & Style
The Mutare-based singer told NewsDay Life & Style that she was already pushing towards developing talent in other aspiring gospel artistes.

GOSPEL musician Dorcas Moyo says her long-term plan in the music industry is to set up a music academy where she will identify and nurture budding talents.

The Mutare-based singer told NewsDay Life & Style that she was already pushing towards developing talent in other aspiring gospel artistes.

“I have been working with a team in locating and searching for talent. I work with a plethora of musicians and have also helped a lot. I am not at liberty to mention names, but my first-born daughter is following in my footsteps,” said Moyo, who is also a dietician by profession.

A pastor at the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe Church, Moyo said she was a philanthropist committed to helping the less-privileged schoolchildren and impoverished elderly people as her way of giving back to the community.

“I have several deprived children that I am helping with school fees, basic needs, and elderly people I help in any kind possible. I dream of setting up a children’s and old people’s home in a not-so-distant future,” she noted.

“Seeing my work and efforts making an impact in people’s lives is an unbelievable feeling. The least side is when people mirror you and expect you to be superhuman while you have a heart for others.”

As a minister of the gospel, Moyo said her priority is to win souls for Christ, adding that she had to enrol at a Bible school to enhance her knowledge of scriptures which is positively impacting her creativity as a gospel artiste.

“I grew up as a keen member of the praise and worship team.

“The musical seed which I had inherited from my mother then began to germinate and from that time music started running in my nerves,” she said.

“As an ardent Christian, it felt natural that I take up gospel music so should it be to my daughter. I am mentoring her and by the Grace of God she will be better and greater.”

Moyo said her efforts in the music industry was to populate heaven.

“I will not repel any benefits that come with the industry. I am still very much into holding and supporting others through Christ. I believe in my brand of music and I feel I must be unique in my own way,” she noted.

“While pressure may mount, I have a growing constituency of listeners that appreciates my style and I will continue to preach as such.”

To keep up with the evolving digital age, Moyo said she has taken it upon herself to release an album annually to be recognised as a force to reckon with.

As a word of advice, Moyo said gospel artistes must learn to be patient and prayerful.

“It can be frustrating to work without recognition, but patience pays. We need to keep pressing until our breakthrough. I will always ensure l have to keep engaging with my audiences and keep cheering them up,” she said.

“Never give up, echo into my ears everyday. This was an advice I was given by a seasoned artiste and this has kept me going.”

Backed by The Heavenly Melodies, Moyo’s rich discography is made up of eight albums with the ninth being a singles collection.

Her debut album Ndokusheedzai Jesu was released in 2005, followed by Ndinokutungamirira (2009), Zvininipise (2018), Ndibatsirei Mwari (2019), Bvisai Marara (2021), Bvudzi Rangu Ramera (2022) and Mhanza Haisekwi (2023).

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