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Dzavo uses pen to fight oppression

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In Zimbabwe today, the concept of women empowerment has gradually gained momentum, challenging age-old gender norms and advocating for equal rights and opportunities for the girl child.

THROUGHOUT history, literature has served as a powerful tool for advocating for social change and shaping the world perception.

In Zimbabwe today, the concept of women empowerment has gradually gained momentum, challenging age-old gender norms and advocating for equal rights and opportunities for the girl child.

Adore Tawanenyasha Dzavo is one of the young female authors who has stood out among her peers to explore and promote the idea of women empowerment in her writings.

The 20-year-old digital banking student at the University of Zimbabwe, is the author of Womanhood Personified, her published debut book meant to demonstrate the power of a pen as a weapon against women oppression.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Dzavo said her literature aimed to expose the challenges faced by women in society and inspire them to rise above societal constraints and expectations.

“As a young female author in Zimbabwe, I have dedicated my first work Womanhood Personified to the theme of women empowerment. This book’s transition from an idea to a living reality did not come while I was on a bed of roses,” she said.

“No pressure, no diamonds. Womanhood Personified is a book for everyone who appreciates the natural worth of a woman. Written in rhythmic and persuasive language, it stands as a package of wisdom inspired by Proverbs 31, Woman.”

Growing up in one of Harare’s high-density suburbs, Mufakose, Dzavo witnessed struggles and limitations which stifled women’s dreams and aspirations.

“Fuelled by the desire to challenge the status quo, realising that life could be hurting and intricate for a girl child, I embarked on a mission to use my pen as a weapon against oppression,” she noted.

“The birth of my passion for writing was rooted in the belief that literature possesses the power to illuminate minds, spark conversations, and initiate change.”

She continued: “In my literary works, I highlight the experiences of women from different walks of life, advocating for their rights and freedoms. By portraying characters who embody resilience, strength, and determination, I seek to instil a sense of worth among the readers.

“Through my book, articles and poems, I delve into topics such as domestic violence, the importance of education for women, striving to dismantle the barriers that hinder their progress.”

The budding author believes her writings can have a profound impact on Zimbabwean society and spark conversations as well as challenge societal norms.

“Through shedding light on the struggles faced by women and providing a platform for their stories to be heard, I believe I have become a catalyst for change. As a young female author, my journey has only just begun. While I am proud of the impact I have made so far, I am committed to continue with my efforts to empower women in Zimbabwe and beyond,” she said.

With the help of her younger sibling Abishag, she registered Realities Hub Of Arts Association, a publishing company, a multi-disciplinary organisation majoring in poetry and authorship, theatre performance, gospel music and environmental awareness.

Dzavo asserts that her journey as a young female author, which is dedicated to women empowerment, has brought about significant changes to Zimbabwean society.

“Through the dissertation of my books, I have raised awareness, challenged societal norms, inspired countless women to embrace their true potential, removing oven gloves and handling womanhood loads and attributes barehanded,” she added.

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