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7 Sustainability TED Talks That You Must Watch

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With global warming and other environmental issues wreaking havoc all around us, it's more important than ever for each of us to take sustainable initiatives and help protect our planet. But, as with most topics related to personal ethics, understanding where to start can often be challenging. Fortunately, TED Talks are here to provide valuable insight into the importance of sustainability in our lives and why we must do what we can now to ensure its survival. When it comes to sustainability and taking an active role in preserving the planet for future generations, the possibilities are near-endless.  

Conversations about the environment are essential in today's world, not just for the sake of sustainability but also for the economic futures of companies. By engaging in regular intelligent conversations about our environment, businesses can learn practical and sustainable ways to produce their products or services without negatively impacting the environment.  Promoting intelligent conversations about our environment has never been easier - make sure you tune into one of these to promote it in your company as well. Suppose a company is able to operate sustainably. In that case, it may be more financially stable and able to offer competitive wages and benefits to its employees, which may be reflected in a paystub of an individual employee. Here are seven inspiring TED Talks on sustainability that will leave you feeling energized and ready to make an impact.  

  1. The Complex Path to Sustainability By Olivia Tyler:

Olivia Tyler is someone who knows the ins and outs of sustainability, having had 17 years of experience in the field. As a highly educated individual with an MBA and Bachelor's degree in Science and Environmental Engineering, Tyler recognizes the importance of emphasizing sustainable practices within both the manufacturing and retail industries in which she had a career. In her Ted Talk, Olivia brings forth fascinating insight on how technology can be utilized to help incorporate more sustainable practices so that smaller businesses may have access to resources larger companies do. Her talk also highlights the complexity of labeling products as sustainable but does not explain what it entails. In conclusion, Olivia Tyler encourages everyone to make responsible decisions that help create a better future for generations.

  1. The Business Logic of Sustainability By Ray Anderson: 

When Ray Anderson embarked on his journey to found Interface and created beautiful, functional carpet tiles, he never imagined he'd end up on the path of sustainable commerce. Yet that's exactly what happened when he picked up Paul Hawken's "The Ecology of Commerce" and had a chance to consider the impact his company was having on the world. Suddenly, instead of just making quality products, he could use Interface as a force for good in creating a more sustainable future. The results have been impressive; Anderson has increased sales, doubled profits for his firm, and pioneered a new way of doing business. Characterized by reduce/ reuse/recycling principles. Through Anderson's determination and vision for sustainability, Interface is helping lead the way forward into a brighter future.

  1. The Investment Logic for Sustainability by Chris McKnett: 

Chris McKnett is on a mission to inspire institutional investors, like big banks, pension funds, and endowments, to make the world a better place through their investing decisions at State Street Global Advisors. His revolutionary ESG strategy weaves sustainability into the very fabric of an investment process. Mcknett argues that these large investors are uniquely positioned to be the driving financial force behind creating a more environmentally friendly future. As he points out, however, financial data alone isn't enough. The impact that investing has on our environment must also be a key factor for investors to consider, as it can have long-lasting implications for generations to come. Understanding this fact, Chris McKnett is helping to lead us toward a brighter tomorrow through his work at State Street Global Advisors and his unwavering commitment toward sustainable investing, enabling investors to contribute positively financially and societally.

  1. The Route to a Sustainable Future By Alex Steffen:  

Alex Steffen is particularly a rootless planetary futurist and sustainability TED talks master. With experience on four different continents as a journalist, he co-founded and helped curate Worldchanging for seven years with an archive of 12,000 articles and a large international readership. He also published "Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century", which was widely successful around the globe. Drawing from real-life examples and cutting-edge research, Steffen has inspired generations of people to pursue sustainability goals with his TED talks about reckoning with hard choices while motivating us to work together towards a brighter future. His innovative views on reducing carbon emissions demonstrate how necessary it is to make sustainable changes in order to protect the planet we inhabit. Steffen's wisdom can change minds, open new perspectives, and shape better futures everywhere. Sustainability is the need of our times, and youngsters must be instilled with the sense of promoting this cause. Encouraging, shaping, and motivating them right from childhood is one of the best ways to ensure they grow up conscious individuals aware of their environment to promote sustainable living. 

  1. Let's Go All-In On Selling Sustainability by Steve Howard: 

Steve Howard is an inspirational TED talk guru and leading sustainability enthusiast who has found a way to help put environmental products in Ikea furniture stores. With the idea of remaking classic designs to use fewer parts while still maintaining the style, he has implemented sustainable cotton farming practices around the world and has invested billions into renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. Not only are these measures beneficial for preserving resources, but they also allow millions of people access to eco-friendly items on the cheap. His TED talks have helped spread the discourse of sustainability even further so everyone can take part in helping our planet become a better place for generations to come.

  1. The Tradeoffs of Building Green By Catherine Mohr:

Catherine Mohr is literally a world traveler, following her passions for building and designing anything that she sets her mind to. A VP of Strategy for Intuitive Surgical in Silicon Valley, a faculty member at Singularity University, and an advisor to particularly med-tech startups in the U.K., the U.S., and her native country, New Zealand, Catherine's story is incredibly inspiring. Driven by a mission to make the world a better place with technology, She is often found at TED talking about sustainability - something that came alive when she built her very own backyard greenhouse! With this project came energy-efficient decisions such as building with upcycled materials, choosing "low wattage light bulbs" on hot days, and installing insulation to reduce energy usage overall, all great life lessons on how we can foster more sustainable choices in our lives.

  1. How to Grow Fresh Air By Kamal Meattle: 

Kamal Meattle is a pioneer of green building and sustainability in India. With great vision, he set up the Paharpur Business Centre, an 'instant office' to offer technology companies cutting-edge facilities and space. His efforts to sustain India's extensive apple industry demonstrated his concern for environmental issues, which led him to campaign to reduce scooter drivers' oil consumption. At TED talks around the world, he demonstrates how three common houseplants can create cleaner indoor air surrounding any home or office complex. Kamal Meattle is pioneering a movement towards more sustainable buildings, aiming to inspire others to follow in his trail-blazing footsteps.

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