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5 Simple Lifestyle Changes To Keep Your Kidneys Healthy


Kidneys play an important role in filtering out toxic substances in the body. If it's not taken care of properly, you may be at risk of developing kidney failure.


One effective way to prevent kidney disease is to keep this bean-shaped organ healthy. Several lifestyle habits need to be done and not a few must be eliminated in order for our kidneys to work optimally. Here are some ways you can take care of your kidneys and ensure they stay healthy for a long time!

1.  Following a healthy diet

Following a healthy diet has been shown to provide good benefits for the body, including for our kidney health. This is because the main cause of kidney failure originates from high blood pressure and diabetes.  However, these two health problems can be avoided as long as you maintain a good and healthy diet.


Start by increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables – these will provide essential nutrients the body needs to function properly. There are several types of vegetables and fruit that are good for kidney health, low-potassium veggies and fruit that can help to control acidity in the body, such as cherries, cabbage, radish, and eggplant. Consuming apples can also be beneficial for your kidney health because it is not just low in potassium but also rich in antioxidants.


If possible, try to avoid foods that contain fat and purines, such as organ meats. Foods that are high in purines can increase uric acid levels which in turn can interfere with kidney function. Apart from increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables, there are several other ways to nourish your kidneys and avoid disease through what you eat, such as:

●    Limit salt intake

Did you know that foods high in salt and sodium can raise blood pressure? If your blood pressure rises suddenly, it can damage blood vessels and thus make the kidneys work harder. Hypertension is one of the ultimate main causes of kidney failure. Therefore, you have to limit your salt intake to prevent kidney disease and keep it healthy.


There are many choices of spices that can replace sodium, such as onions. The content of quercetin in onions can at the same time help to maintain kidney health by helping to optimize kidney function when filtering blood.

●    Low protein diet

Not only limiting salt intake, maintaining kidney health can also be done by having a low-protein diet. Consumption of too much protein is not good for the health of the body, especially the kidneys. This is because the protein consumed is digested and broken down into amino acids by the body using the help of enzymes. Protein digestion will start from the stomach to the intestine. The digested amino acids are then carried by the blood and supplied to the organs in the body that need them.


When a protein has been digested, the rest will be processed by the kidneys and excreted in the urine. The more protein the body has to digest, the more amino acids the kidneys need to filter.  As a result, your kidneys will have to work harder. Therefore, a low-protein diet can be an effective way to treat the kidneys to stay healthy. There are several healthy food choices with sufficient protein content for the body, such as fish and egg whites that you can consume on a daily basis instead.

2.  Have sufficient water intake

Often underestimated, drinking water can be very important for helping maintain kidney health. Having sufficient water intake can help expedite the process of filtering the blood when removing toxic waste. Quoted to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, healthy kidneys can filter around 150 liters of blood per day.


Through this filtering, the kidneys remove waste (substances that the body does not need) in the blood, such as sodium, potassium, and phosphorus. Water in the body will help keep blood vessels open, so that blood can pass through the kidneys smoothly.


In addition, drinking enough water can also maintain the balance of water and minerals in the body. This balance is what keeps nerves, muscles, and tissues functioning normally. Drinking water regularly can also help to prevent the formation of kidney stones due to dehydration. Purchase your bottle water from My Own Water and put it around the place you often stay at. Having a water bottle around your area can serve as a reminder for you to drink at all time.

3.  Exercise regularly

It's no longer a secret that regular exercise is good for maintaining overall body health, including the kidneys. The reason is, regular exercise can help the body control blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol levels. These three components are things that need to be controlled to prevent disease in your kidneys.


You don't need to run a marathon to keep your kidneys healthy. There are many other types of physical activity that are easy to do, such as brisk walking, cycling, and even dancing. Try to find any sport that can make you feel happy and improve your health at the same time.

4.  Excessive use of medicine and vitamins

Excessive use of medicine and vitamins in large quantities can damage your kidneys. This is because the kidneys play a role in removing drug residue from the body. Thus medications such as NSAIDs and laxatives, as well as vitamins need to be taken according to the doctor's recommendation to maintain the health of your kidneys.


Therefore, never be careless when taking drugs. Because you never know, kidney disease may also arise as a result of taking too long or taking too many medicines or vitamins that are recommended by professionals.

5.  Quit smoking and drinking excessive alcohol

If you do both of these habits often, it may be time for you to stop doing them. because the content in cigarettes is proven to damage the body, including kidney function. Toxic substances from cigarettes that enter the body can block blood flow. As a result, the heart needs to work harder to pump blood, and this can increase the risk of hypertension which is one of the main causes of kidney disease.


Consuming excessive alcoholic beverages also has a big impact on health. Various damage can occur if you do not limit the alcohol that enters the body, including a decrease in kidney function. This is because the diuretic effect of alcohol can increase the amount of urine produced. As a result, it is difficult for the kidneys to regulate the flow of urine and body fluids, including controlling sodium, potassium, and chloride ions. If this happens, the body experiences an electrolyte fluid imbalance which causes dehydration.



Taking care of your kidneys is a great way to show that you love yourself. If you want to live a long and happy life without having to face disease that can be scary to undergo, keep in mind that swapping your lifestyle for a better one is needed. Start doing these healthy lifestyles now to ensure you can lead a healthier and happier life.

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