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To reveal or not to reveal, Netizens in quandary over confidentiality of COVID-19 cases

Corona Virus
The novel coronavirus pandemic is still relatively uncharted territory in terms of understanding how the disease works and how it should be handled.

The novel coronavirus pandemic is still relatively uncharted territory in terms of understanding how the disease works and how it should be handled.

Concerns around ethics come into play as the issue of whether a person should reveal their coronavirus test results come into the fore of discussions among citizens.

The law creates provisions for the protection of patient records by doctors, however given the infectious nature of COVID19 there have been calls by the public for the policy to be revised temporarily.

We posed a question to our readers on whether government should compel people who have tested positive to Covid-19 to reveal their status. It stirred mixed reactions signifying how delicate the situation is….

The whole world knows that Borris (sic)Johnson has the virus. Why do we have to hide it

Dr  Kamumvuri S

Not necessarily publicize but rather provide useful information of their movement before and after they were confirmed positive which might only be essential in tracing

Tendai Mbungo

This is rubbish. Medical ethics and privacy law are clear. Its illegal and unethical to disclose the identity of a patient or their clinical details without their consent.

Tafadzwa Makamure

Publicize together with their photos , Ids and phone numbers and girlfriend if possible so that if you happen to meet them in a combi (sic), pharmacy , supermarket you can self isolate.

bentley brizzmore

My opinion is – for the sake of the nation (because there is no shame or stigma attached), make their names be known, where (not exactly but area) they have been in the days/weeks prior to test results. I am sure that would help EVERYONE. For tracing /records info would be best Bev Dale

Keep them private but good to know their location. Unless if they don’t mind sharing their identity for the sake of helping with tracing any possible contacts.

Shumba Tembo

Is any government worldwide publicising the names of those who have tested positive of #Covid 19, haven’t you read how overseas people are being stigmatised after testing positive or after recovering the government should just do its job well period.


Does it not put a mark on the patients and prevent them from getting health insurance, employment or even put off possible suitors for marriage? Wouldn’t it also deter people from getting tested? I think names must be kept confidential.

Gyron Mkwebo

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