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ED erasing Mugabe legacy

Mugabe started off as a Marxist-Leninist, implementing what he termed scientific socialism.
By Paidamoyo Muzulu 19h ago
Can sex reduce prostate cancer risk?
Can sex reduce prostate cancer risk?
HAVE you ever heard about claims that having more sex and ejaculating more reduces your risk of prostate cancer?
By Michelle C Madzudzo 19h ago
Letters to the editor: Load-shedding compounding plight of poor citizens
This level of load-shedding was last experienced in 2019 during the height of acute foreign currency shortages.
By Newsday Sep. 30, 2022
Toxicity, haters muzzling the truth
I desperately needed them to focus on only the positive, so that we could all live peacefully, happily, and in harmony — instead, of always being at each other’s throats.
By Tendai Ruben Mbofana Sep. 30, 2022
Floriculture: Diversification, opportunities for entrepreneurial farmers
A WELL-DIVERSIFIED agricultural sector will result in remarkable success. Floriculture is a lucrative option.
By Nyasha J Kavhiza Sep. 30, 2022
Feature: The tough life of foreign women on Joburg streets
In most instances, he would ogle at her in a way that made her uncomfortable.
By WINNIE NKONDE Sep. 30, 2022
Iran under the spotlight
Her alleged offence is the indiscreet manner of wearing her hijab, a head-covering, mandatorily worn by Muslim women.
By Heena Joshi Sep. 30, 2022
Combating corruption in public procurement
PUBLIC procurement has been defined as “the process by which governments, regional and local public authorities or bodies governed by public law purchase products, services and public works”.
By Clinton Chipo Sep. 29, 2022
Child marriage: A heavy cost for young girls in Africa
Today, the practice is declining, thanks to national and international policies, global treaties and, since 2016, the UNFPA-UNICEF Global Programme to End Child Marriage
By Sathiya Susuman Appunni Sep. 29, 2022
Letters:Only an engineer can save Zimbabwe from her problems
These problems are bedeviling Zimbabweans because colonial and post-colonial leadership is well-versed in the arts sector, and strongly lacks in scientific and commercial qualifications.
By AMH Voices Sep. 29, 2022
CiZC Open letter to President Mnangagwa
Zimbabwe continues to witness wanton acts of electoral and political violence perpetrated, in most cases against members of the opposition.
By Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition Sep. 28, 2022
Pathways for repurposing resources are long overdue in developing countries
As long as private property laws are not revamped, it will remain difficult for African countries to create growth avenues for the young generations.
By Charles Dhewa Sep. 28, 2022
Letters: Zim’s sanctions a smokescreen
Nearly two decades on, the sanctions regime has succeeded in inconveniencing some of the most odious actors in Zimbabwe.
By AMH Voices Sep. 28, 2022
How to help people stay on ARVs when life gets in the way
Supporting people living with HIV to stay on treatment is the biggest challenge currently facing South African HIV services.
By Melanie Bisnauth Sep. 28, 2022
Letters:Will the removal of sanctions restore democracy in Zim?
More and more countries can add their voices at the UNGA, but the ball is in Mnangagwa’s court, who must do the right thing for sanctions to be removed.
By AMH Voices Sep. 27, 2022
Disruptive thinking.
WE can’t downplay the power of thinking. Any type of thinking that is slower than the change of times and or technology is dangerous.
By Jonah Nyoni Sep. 24, 2022
Early detection, treatment saves lives
Prostate cancer does not wait, neither should we. Early detection is the best bet for your health, go and get screened.
By Michelle C Madzudzo Sep. 24, 2022
Don’t create your own god
WE live in this our natural realm or for simplicity, the earth.
By Erasmus Makarimayi Sep. 24, 2022
Why is ED afraid of live-streamed court proceedings?
However, robust debates and upholding of the constitution should be the guiding light.
By Paidamoyo Muzulu Sep. 24, 2022
Zim adopts green energy production to curb climate change crisis
With the rising climate change crisis around the world, Zimbabwean households have been progressively shifting to renewable energy sources.
By Tendai Chipatiso and Tichaona Matte Sep. 23, 2022
Polarisation, intolerance remain a threat democracy, peace
To help build a peaceful nation, ZLHR implores government to;
By Newsday Sep. 23, 2022
At times I feel like Zimbos deserve ED
Here is a nation with one of the most ruthless oppressive theocratic regimes on the planet.
By Tendai Ruben Mbofana Sep. 23, 2022
Authorities must release opposition MPs
Zimbabwean authorities cannot continue to incarcerate Sikhala and Sithole and deny them bail at every turn for no apparent reason.
By AMH Voices Sep. 22, 2022
Crackdown on NGOs derails re-engagement efforts
Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are doing important work in democracy and human rights protection.
By AMH Voices Sep. 21, 2022
Letters: Policy inconsistencies driving out, frustrating foreign investment
Zimbabwe has become notorious for having duly agreed business agreements overturned overnight, and without notice.
By AMH Voices Sep. 20, 2022
Digitalising the marketing of financial services
Social media in particular has been a huge game changer in marketing because customers get to give feedback on their experiences with a brand on very public platforms.
By Tinevimbo C Santu Sep. 20, 2022
What Are the Advantages of Using the Best Bitcoin ATM?
Lets You Do More Than Just Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency
By Newsday Sep. 18, 2022
Passion aligned investing
A new trend that is baffling many is that of the investment in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).
By Batanai Matsika Sep. 16, 2022