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Reduce borrowing, rationalise existing burden

After the fact, we note the positives in both addresses, but it seems that both fail to adequately satisfy the expectations of the poor, raising concerns for the coming year.
By AMH Voices Dec. 1, 2022
Land must be given to capable cadres
Land must be given to capable cadres
The Zimbabwean economy is based on agro-business and this is a sector which cannot  be ignored and needs a revamp.
By AMH Voices Nov. 28, 2022
Letters: Electoral Amendment Bill ignores pertinent reforms
ZESN believes that the Bill addresses nominal and administrative reforms while ignoring pertinent reforms that may have a direct bearing on the transparency and credibility of elections in Zimbabwe.
By AMH Voices Nov. 24, 2022
Letters: Govt must show willingness to develop Mt Hampden
Government and Mnangagwa must commit to ensuring the safety of opposition legislators.
By AMH Voices Nov. 23, 2022
Why invest in gold?
Why should investors trade or invest in a yellow mineral called gold?
By Batanai Matsika Nov. 18, 2022
They are always quiet in meetings, beware of such
Such an individual is of no value to me and the organisation.
By Brian Makwara Nov. 18, 2022
Looking beyond COP27
COP27 was a platform for consolidating intracontinental relationships, forge new connections and most importantly, continue the work of climate action.
By Makomborero Muzenda Nov. 18, 2022
Deciding whether to report or not
Finding oneself in such a situation is most unfortunate and will cost a lot.
By Owen Mavhengere Nov. 18, 2022
How much oil reserves does Zim have?
Managing director Scott  Macmillan says  the early results are “an exciting development validating our subsurface model”. 
By Respect Gwenzi Nov. 18, 2022
NPAZ exposes govt falsehoods peddled at ACHPR
Mnangagwa’s lieutenants had in October misrepresented before the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) during its 73rd ordinary session held in Banjul, The Gambia.
By AMH Voices Nov. 17, 2022
Letters: Cancellation of voters’ concert cause for concern
The recent cancellation of the students voter registration activation in Bulawayo by authorities is an affront to ideals of a free society.
By AMH Voices Nov. 16, 2022
Private security firms gird for spike in armed robberies
The veterans are the much-needed bridge to link private security firms and the police which is too overwhelmed, and under-resourced to monitor robberies.
By News24 Nov. 10, 2022
Letters: Violence and intimidation: Zimbos’ fate ahead of the 2023 elections
The ERC notes that unless electoral reforms are implemented, the 2023 Harmonised elections will result in yet another disputed election, marred by violence.
By AMH Voices Oct. 27, 2022
Letters: I can’t keep quiet anymore
I needed salary increment and you forced me to join Teachers for ED.I was hungry and you said: “The poor are always with us."
By AMH Voices Oct. 26, 2022
Letters: Zim on spotlight for human rights abuses
CSOs form Zimbabwe are among the African NGOs attending the Forum for NGOs to the 73rd Ordinary Session of the African Commission.
By AMH Voices Oct. 22, 2022
Letters to the editor: Misgovernance bleeding our nation
Other partners that attended included representatives from Zimbabwe Gender Commission (ZGC), Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition and five local media houses.
By Newsday Oct. 21, 2022
Letters: Political parties must foster peace ahead of 2023 elections
Zesn also urges political parties to engage the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission in such instances so that they investigate, speak out against violence.
By AMH Voices Oct. 20, 2022
Current electoral environment dents by-election outcome
The violence committed against women who were stripped of their clothes and left partially naked is abhorrent, inhuman and intolerable.
By AMH Voices Oct. 19, 2022
Letters: Corrupt politicians must be brought to book
The elite have taken large amounts of money or investable surplus for their own gain in a way that impedes economic transformation.
By AMH Voices Oct. 18, 2022
Opposition must fight for electoral reforms
Voters should be allowed to exercise their democratic right to choose a party of their choice without being intimidated or harrassed.
By AMH Voices Oct. 13, 2022
Letters: Murwira’s arrogance agitates educators
Murwira is obviously alive to the reality that no graduate teacher has capacity to set up a proper private school, only the ruling party elite can afford to create these private schools.
By AMH Voices Oct. 12, 2022
Letters: Quality maternal healthcare remains a pipe dream
While maternal healthcare challenges are attributed to several challenges, chronic underfunding remains the leading factor.
By Newsday Oct. 11, 2022
Letters: Authorities out of touch with reality
Zimbabwean authorities are out of touch with lived realities of poor citizens who are being choked by burgeoning public debt.
By AMH Voices Oct. 8, 2022
Africa can capitalise on China’s ascendancy
Seventy-three years later, China’s political system remains largely unchanged but its economic profile is staggeringly impressive.
By Emmanuel Matambo Oct. 7, 2022
Critical reflections on Chamisa’s leadership style, approach
However, we must admit that we have (to some extent) abdicated from openly and objectively scrutinizing the manner in which Chamisa is managing the CCC.
By Justice Alfred Mavedzenge Oct. 7, 2022
Which Western countries brainwashed Mbuya Nehanda to rebel?
I DON’T understand Zimbabwe’s political elite.
By Tendai Ruben Mbofana Oct. 7, 2022
Letters: Dangarembga’s conviction is a ‘travesty of justice’
“The conviction and sentence send a clear and chilling message that there is no space for dissenting views in Zimbabwe."
By Newsday Oct. 6, 2022
Which party will usher us into the land of milk and honey?
As we are heading for the 2023 elections, allow me my fellow Zimbabweans to critically examine the choices we have in this watershed election.
By Lovemore Sibanda Oct. 6, 2022