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WTS Tax Matrix Academy launches query services platform

The creation of the query services platform comes after WTS received an overwhelming amount of calls regarding tax.

TAX consultant, WTS Tax Matrix Academy (WTS), has launched a platform to enable the efficient handling and response to tax queries made by businesses and individuals.

The creation of the query services platform comes after WTS received an overwhelming amount of calls regarding tax.

In an interview with NewsDay Business at the tax consultants’ eighth annual tax conference in Victoria Falls last week, WTS research associate Simbarashe Mambara said they were inundated with tax queries, hence the creation of the platform.

The annual tax conference marked the sixth anniversary of the Matrix Tax School, which transitioned to WTS Tax Matrix Academy after a strategic partnership with the Dutch based tax consultants, WTS Global, this year.

“We have come up with a Query Services. The whole idea is that our phones ring daily due to taxation changes. As the commissioner said, 2024 has seen the most tax changes that has ever been seen in his career,” Mambara said.

“So, you can imagine our phones are ringing daily. Hence, we have come up with a new product called Query Services, so that if we are not able to attend to our phones, clients can go on that platform and write a query,”

He said the platform would also help the organisation to categorise all the queries launched with them making it easier for them to address the issues quicker.

“The way the query service works is that clients enter their contact details - email addresses and cell phone numbers - choose a particular tax agent, and then ask the question,” Mambara said.

“What this does, not just for the client but for ourselves, is enable us to quickly locate where their problem is and quickly give them a response.”

He guaranteed that every query launched through the new platform would be responded to within 24 hours after the team members confirmed receipt of the questions.

“So, what will happen is the client will ask the question, and as soon as one of our team members confirms receipt of the question, we guarantee a 24-hour turnaround in getting the answer,” Mambara said.

“For example, if you receive confirmation that your question has been read today at 1pm, tomorrow at 1pm, you should have an answer. However, if it is a quick question on taxation, we will answer immediately.”

He said some of the tax issues to be discussed included, as an example, the payee tax tables in the Zimbabwe Gold currency.

Mambara also revealed that the tax academy has also introduced a new conference called the “Executive Tax Forum” and that it is going to be held for the first time in South Africa later this year.

Mambara noted that this conference will bring a vast of executives together to take the tax discussions to a higher level and also equip public officers with the right skills.

He also emphasised the conference would facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas and techniques in the approach to taxation.

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