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inDrive enters Zimbabwean market with Harare launch to expand global reach

Branding Voice
InDrive has gained immense popularity with over 150 million downloads

inDrive, a global mobility and urban services platform with headquarters in California, USA, has announced its expansion into Zimbabwe. With the aim of enhancing accessibility and availability of ride-hailing services in the region, Harare, Zimbabwe becomes the eighth country in Africa and one of over 700 cities worldwide. This move reinforces inDrive's commitment to offering innovative solutions to individuals across the continent. The launch of inDrive in Harare is set to provide a much-needed boost to the local transportation sector and improve the mobility options available to the city's residents.

InDrive has gained immense popularity with over 150 million downloads and recognition as the second most downloaded mobility app globally, thanks to its innovative peer-to-peer pricing approach that challenges the injustice of unfair pricing practices in the ride-hailing space. The app's user-friendly interface ensures seamless negotiations and stress-free experience for both passengers and drivers, enabling them to agree on the fare and other crucial elements of the ride. InDrive's unique and fair pricing approach is transforming the ride-hailing industry and redefining the way passengers and drivers interact.

The company is proud to offer a solution that places equal importance on the needs of passengers and drivers, and is dedicated to transforming the way individuals commute

How the app works

  1. A passenger opens the InDrive app and enters their pickup and drop-off locations.
  2. Drivers who are nearby and available to take the ride receive a notification with the passenger's pickup location and proposed fare.
  3. The driver can either accept the proposed fare or make a counteroffer, which the passenger can choose to accept or reject.
  4. Once the fare is agreed upon, the driver picks up the passenger and completes the ride as usual.
  5. After the ride, both the passenger and driver can rate each other and provide feedback to the InDrive platform to help improve the service.

 Distinctive features of inDrive

  1. The InDrive app allows passengers to determine the pricing of their ride and drivers can accept the proposed price, counter with a different offer, or ignore the offer. There are no fines or fees for drivers who decline an offer, and the final price is agreed upon by both parties. InDrive operates transparently with a maximum service charge of 10% excluding VAT, and during the initial phase of expansion to Abuja, there will be no service fee. Drivers are verified through a verification process and have access to view and accept orders.
  2. The app prioritizes safety for drivers and passengers with features such as passenger ratings, travel address alerts, a Safety Center with training materials, an emergency button, and a Share the Ride Route button.

In case of a safety incident, the company investigates and may provide mental health support resources. Personal information is only disclosed to law enforcement with a valid legal request. Payment is received instantly after completing a ride, and passengers can pay the driver directly via cash or bank transfer. The SOS button is an emergency button that passengers and drivers can use to notify InDrive of a safety concern or emergency during a ride.

"We are thrilled to announce the launch of inDrive in Harare, Zimbabwe. We are excited to bring our innovative mobility and urban services platform to this vibrant city and provide our customers with a seamless and convenient experience." Vincent Lilane, Business Development Representative, inDrive Africa.

About inDriveinDrive is a global mobility and urban services platform headquartered in Mountain View, California, USA. The inDrive app has been downloaded over 175 million times, and was the second most downloaded mobility app in 2022. In addition to ride-hailing, inDrive provides an expanding list of urban services, including intercity transportation, freight delivery, task assistance, courier delivery and employment search.

inDrive operates in more than 700 cities across 47 countries. It supports local communities via its peer-to-peer payment model and community empowerment programs, which help advance education, sports, arts and sciences, gender equality and other vital initiatives.

For more information visit www.inDrive.com

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