Dzimbanhete in Germany for Documenta 15

An artists’ workshop at Dzimbanhete Arts and Culture Resource Centre

DZIMBANHETE Arts and Culture Interactions is currently participating in Documenta 15, a major art exhibition programme held every five years in Kassel, Germany.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style, Dzimbanhete Arts and Culture Interactions centre director Jonathan Goredema Dube said Laura Ganda, who is the Dzimbanhete project manager is the one representing the organisation at the week-long exhibition which started in Senegal and is now in Germany.

Dube said the exhibition consists of a group of researchers with the aim of finding common ground on cultural and artistic development.

In a brief summary on the developments taking place in Germany, Ganda explained : “Dzimbanhete Arts and Culture Interactions has been participating in this project for the past two years and this project brings together several researchers and artistic institutions from across Africa to work together on the theme of commons on the African continent.

“The whole idea was to confront how institutions from Africa can share common practices with the wider community. The whole idea was to develop critical tools that could be shared with other institutions.”

Ganda added that they came up with tools around the issues of communing or sharing, adding that these tools depend on the processes that take place at the different arts institutions.

She gave an example of the bira (African ritual gala) at Dzimbanhete as a common practice which speaks to a process of sharing between the beer makers themselves and the community, adding that the reason for conducting a bira is that it brings people together.

“Another example is the idea of the use of totems which is a common practice at Dzimbanhete in all of our meetings and processes.

“It is the aim of this project to share common practices and what we did in Senegal was to develop the tools and identify shared practices that take place in our spaces,” she added.

South Africa, Senegal, Uganda and Mali are also participating in the Documenta 15 project.

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