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Teacher aims to be a cultural influencer


LIBERTY Ndaba, a teacher by profession, seeks to become a cultural influencer through poetry and cultural activism.

Ndaba grew up in Gwatemba, Filabusi, and is an arts teacher at Methodist High School in Bulawayo.

In his works, the multi-talented Ndaba mainly advocates for the conservation of the native language and culture.

Ndaba said his love for poetry dates back from his primary school days, though he never took it seriously.

“I am an author, poet, dancer and actor. I was literally born to speak, explore, showcase, inspire and educate through arts. My passion is praise poetry as I believe our identity is embedded there. We have our izitemo (totem), history, events, struggles and success in praise poetry,” he said.

“In 2015 when I was at Lupane State University (LSU), we were requested to do drama in a theatre module. I was tasked to do a praise poem for the king and I smashed it. That is when my former lecturers, Dr Moyo and Dr Maseko, challenged me to do more.”

Ndaba added: “I started doing poems for LSU during their graduation ceremonies as well as writing poems for people to perform. Reverend Paul Bayethe Damasane coached and motivated me to go an extra mile.”

A conservative, Ndaba is so keen on preserving his language, identity and ubuntu, hence some of his poems bemoan the loss of Ubuntu, the existing socio-political issues.

“I was born to speak, but I never did it professionally until 2015 when I saw a master of ceremonies being paid to speak, and from there, I never turned back,” he said, adding that emceeing has become his source of income.

To date, he has written a number of yet-to-be published poems which he performs at weddings, funerals and corporate events.

“I have a novel, an anthology of poems, short stories pending publication this year or early next

Being a teacher has not stopped Ndaba from pursuing his artistic talent and passion.

“As a teacher by profession, I have managed to strike a balance since teaching is mostly done during the week while most events are done during weekends and holidays.

“I have been inspired by my family, former teachers and lecturers, other artists and mostly by my father whom I am pushing his legacy. In the near future, I am seeing myself as a culture, language and historical consultant and influencer,” he added.

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