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Sekuru Soro urges poets to collaborate


SPOKEN word artist Ashiber Matyora (pictured) (22), who is known as Sekuru Soro in the poetry industry because of his Shona poems, has urged poets to collaborate to create good content.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style, Sekuru Soro said he would do his bit to promote other poets and educate them on various issues.

“I have managed to create a board that will be looking at the poetry industry in Zimbabwe. The board goes by the name Zimbabwe Poetry Affairs and it will be there for poets,” he said.

“As for the constitution, it is almost done and we are looking forward to registering it very soon. Our major aim is to eradicate competition among poets and put collaboration into consideration and also make sure poets have a wider recognition nationwide.”

The idea to create a board came when he was in Chitungwiza in March at a poetry convergence session, an event which was organised by a female poet, Laarey. He and other poets came up with the plan of supporting one another through collaborations.

“I believe if we speak with one voice we will beat the impossible and the poetry industry will make sense to our nation. Zimbabwe Poetry Affairs will make it happen because we will have one voice as it goes by the saying, united will stand and divided  we fall. We as poets will be leaders of our own,” he explained.

Commenting on the general state of poetry in Zimbabwe, Sekuru Soro said poets need to work extra hard to succeed and they should work together to create better content.

He boasts of having more than 200 poems with many of them being in his Shona mother language and a few in English. Some of his poems include, Ndinokuonai Ndadzoka, Regai Ndipajekese Changamire and Mwana Wenyu, among others.

“For the moment my shelf is still empty with no awards under my stage name. But I was nominated twice in two different awards, Poetry Red Carpet and Empire 263 Awards,” he added.

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