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Letters: ED, Chamisa must find each other


OR the better part of this week, Chitungwiza, especially Nyatsime, resembled a warzone.

One would be forgiven to think that the community is party of Ukraine’s Donbas region given the heightened political tension in the area.

Property worth thousands of dollars was destroyed as ruling Zanu PF youths and opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) youths fought in running battles.

Several people were left nursing injuries.

The police have arrested Zengeza West MP Job Sikhala and his Chitungwiza North  counterpart Godfrey Sithole following that fracas that ensued at Moreblessing Ali’s memorial service.

The two CCC MPs were some of the local leaders who led Ali’s search mission.

Ali was abducted and murdered and her remains were recovered from a well in Manyame on Saturday.

It is almost a year before the 2023 elections and the country is now embroiled in the tussle between the two major political parties — Zanu PF and CCC.

It is unfortunate that while CCC leader Nelson Chamisa went to Chitungwiza and denounced violence, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has remained mum over the matter.

It is high time Mnangagwa reins in his party supporters who are causing terror in Chitungwiza and rural areas. It is clear that Zimbabwe has a political problem which emanated from the disputed 2018 elections and now the ordinary person in the streets is bearing the brunt. The country cannot afford another disputed election in 2023.

The people are now suffering as commodity prices have been hiked beyond the reach of many. The future looks bleak unless political parties find each other.

The only way forward now is for Mnangagwa to humble himself and find Chamisa to solve this political and economic logjam.

As things stand, Chamisa has nothing to lose, but all the problems facing the country point to the ruling party  candidate, Mnangagwa.

We all know it can be difficult for Mnangagwa, but he has to be gentle enough to swallow his pride and face reality so that the country can move forward.-Mwana Wevhu

Under Ncube, Zimbabwe going nowhere fast

FINANCE minister Mthuli Ncube is either a liar or suffering from selective amnesia.

Either way he should not be involved in anything to do with the financial affairs of Zimbabwe.

He has brought us to the ground with his absurd political economics.

Where in the world are people who earn way below the breadbasket poverty datum line expected to pay 25% on their gross income to the taxman?

The tax tables should be revised monthly to ensure that the tax-free band is the cost of the breadbasket for a family of six using the rate of exchange incurred by most citizens, not the fudged rate applicable to the politically well-connected.

Having a fixed rate for the year in this hyper-inflationary economy is totally absurd and shows complete indifference to the taxpaying public by Zanu PF and the government. It is correct to conclude that Zimbabwe is going nowhere fast.- A Mbire

Young generation robbed of its future

IT is with a heavy heart that I pen about an educated generation whose future is uncertain, their tomorrow has nothing to offer more than stress and confusion.

More than 30 000 students graduate from tertiary institutions in Zimbabwe each year, but face an uncertain future.

The unemployment rate in Zimbabwe averaged 5,74% from 1982 until 2017, reaching an all-time high of 10,80% in 1982 and a record low of 4,17% in 2004.

The sad thing is to wake up every morning watching graduation regalia and certificates hanging on the wall.

Can we turn those graduation regalia to prophetic regalia? But again the black colour scares away clients.

It is a shame that there is no interface between graduates and the government.

Educational certificates have been reduced to mere affidavits which cannot be used when seeking employment.

Moreso, companies ask for three to five years’ working experience. Again, the question is: Where will you get that experience?

Someone has the guts of lying to the world that 800 000 jobs have been created.

As the young generation, we are being robbed of our future, what nature of life are we going to experience?-Disgusted graduate

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