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Africanism inspires visual artist


VISUAL artist Shelton Farai Chaumbezwo said his artwork was inspired by the African way of life and what goes on in the communities.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style, Chaumbezwo said he was going to continue telling African stories through paint.

“I started drawing when I was only 15, using pencils and acrylic paints and from there I have continued chasing my dreams. Most of my drawings reflect Africans, their day-to-day way of living and different tribes that we have in Africa, township portraits and abstracts of animals in Zimbabwe.

“This industry has taught me that it takes hard work to come up with a perfect picture hence my talent is something that I boast about,” he said.

The self-taught artist also finds inspiration in rainbow colours, saying they represent the power of God. “My recent work, which is at Unity Square in the CBD of Harare, is of residents celebrating the World Cycling Day which took place on June 3 and it is reflecting how cyclists started the race up to the end.

“I was honoured to have been chosen by the World Bicycles Organisation to present this drawing,” he said.

Chaumbezwo is based in Harare’s Glen Norah B high-density suburb and has showcased his artwork in different galleries which include National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe, Delta Gallery and Picture Frame Pavharanda. Some of his drawings include Township Scene Harare, a portrait which shows how Harare residents operate on a daily basis and Harvesting, a portrait showing how Africans harvest crops after farming.

He, however, lamented the absence of markets which is making it difficult to sell his products, adding that he would not tire because every dark cloud had a silver lining.

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