Zim gospel musician makes waves in Botswana

BOTSWANA-BASED gospel musician Mary Mhiribidi Zinyimo 

BOTSWANA-BASED gospel musician Mary Mhiribidi Zinyimo said she was positive that her music would continue receiving positive feedback despite singing in a foreign land.

Popularly known as “Mai Zee” in showbiz, the artiste told NewsDay Life & Style that her music was doing well on the radio gospel charts, especially releases from her recently-launched album Narini narini.

“I am very positive that fans will continue supporting my music despite the fact that I am in a foreign land. I see a greenlight and I also believe my music is having a great impact on people because I sing songs which carry good messages as well as life teachings,” she said.

Mai Zee, who started her musical journey in 2017, said although her music was being received well by the audience at home, singing in Shona in a foreign land had at times forced her  to cancel some shows because of the language barrier.

She also bemoaned the issue of producers who fail to deliver as promised, resulting in her losing a lot of money. She also complained of discrimination.

“The industry is tough, you are taken for granted just because you are a woman. I don’t think producers take money from men and fail to finish their projects. They know women are weak and cannot do anything, we just wait for karma to fix the problem, and always does,” she said.

In order to avoid some of these problems, the gospel diva said artistes should do business with the producers they trust.

She urged other artistes to produce their music in international languages to increase their audience pool.

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