Trafficking victims to return home soon: Minister

FOREIGN Affairs and International Trade deputy minister David Musabayana

HUMAN trafficking victims, mostly women who are currently stuck in the Middle East could soon return home following government intervention.

Several Zimbabwean women are trapped in some Middle East countries such as Oman and Kuwait after going there in search of jobs as domestic workers.

However, most of the females are allegedly being sexually abused and treated as slaves, while their passports are withheld to stop them from escaping.

Addressing senators during the question and answer session last Thursday, Foreign Affairs deputy minister David Musabayana said government was in the process of assisting the affected women to come back home.

“As a ministry, we have started taking action. Workers from the Foreign Affairs Department are working together with workers in Kuwait, Oman and other countries to make arrangements so that those ladies and girls are brought back to Zimbabwe.

“We are in the right direction to reach Oman using our ambassador in Abu Dhabi. After getting permission, he will tell us if this is true or not and whether there are Zimbabweans that are suffering in that particular country.

“Funds are being processed so that if there are victims, they will get assistance, and if there are Zimbabweans who need assistance, they can get in touch with us so that we help them,” Musabayana said.

He urged Zimbabwean job seekers and others looking for education opportunities outside the country to be wary of human traffickers.

“If people want to get out of the country, for job opportunities, education or whatever reason, it is good to pass through our offices so that they report to us and we clearly indicate to them if there is a bright future ahead or not.”

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