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Stage set for Cultural Day official launch


PEOPLE without an identity are faceless in the global community. And nations across the world are identified by their cultures and traditions.

But over time, some nations have, through colonisation allowed their peoples’ cultures and traditions to be overshadowed.

This is one of those most unfortunate things in humanity that has resulted in identity crises and even moral decay in communities.

Tracing peoples’ roots to regenerate and relive old identities has been a serious challenge for many nations, given also the fact that cultures and traditions are dynamic, meaning that they are bound to change over time.

This does not, however, mean that people must give up, which is why Destiny Mineral and Agricultural Consultancy Lifestyle Centre partnered Mbira Dzenharira, Diana “MaNgwenya” Samkange, Sekuru Hwesa and ZimTotems in launching Cultural Day tomorrow.

To prove their seriousness on the issue of promoting Zimbabwe’s cultures and traditions the lifestyle centre has dedicated every Friday as cultural day during which they will be showcasing the diversity of Zimbabwean culture through music, drama among other activities.

Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style, the company executive chairperson Vimbai Chakanetsa said the goal for this initiative was to strengthen African cultural identity and creativity as well as broadening people’s participation in cultural developments.

“The clarion call now is to find sustainable solutions to address the issue of limited commercialisation of African cultural and artistic creations on both the domestic and foreign markets,” he said, adding that it was every African’s duty to sanitise the African continent of the deliberate misrepresentation of African history by other nations.

He said if a nation failed to sell its own culture through tourism, then it has very little chance of growing tourism because a nation’s unique traditions and cultures usually attract visitors.

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